TheSoul Publishing, the popular and creative digital media producing the output through the various social media platforms. The channels performing under the company reached quick views in billions where the followers are supporting through the different social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The dedicated team is available with the company and is consistently posting the video content for all kinds of ages. They are providing their services in various languages.

The company portfolio has a variety of video content from music, and craft projects to animation. These videos’ contents have reached the audience through the variety of popular channels of TheSoul Publishing such as La La life, Polar, Slick Slime Sam, Bright Side, 5 Minute Crafts, Avocado Couple, etc. If we look at the channels the 5-minute crafts are the one which is a top-rated DIY channel on YouTube and Facebook. A billion views have been reached in a quick time because of the content available. All the contents available in the channels are informative and made to create a spark in the viewer’s mind.  This is the reason for the success of this channel in less time.

The company has implemented a variety of policies and standards to move along with the current scenario. The company is being an example of many things where one is a remote working facility for their employees. When the pandemic situation emerged all the companies in the world allowed their employees to work remotely. But TheSoul Publishing Company implemented this facility before the pandemic itself to provide flexibility and a better environment to their employees. These facilities create scope for the employees to work with the freedom and that facilitates them to deliver the output effectively. Beyond that, the incorporation of Asynchronous communication tools supports them in many ways for better performance.