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Evaluation of diamonds

Women’s love affair with diamonds is something that is not hidden from anyone; diamonds indeed hold a special place in a lady’s life. The sparkle and the shine of these diamonds is something that attracts them to it; their rarity, their value and their appearance everything is quite captivating. But there is something that most of the consumers are unaware of, and that is diamond appraisal. All the diamonds and the diamond jewellery that a person buys need to be appraised.

A diamond appraisal means determining the value of a stone after a proper evaluation of its characteristics and then giving an official document that contains the appraisal result.  The most important reason for getting a diamond appraised is to determine its value in order to get a diamond insurance policy.

Characteristics for evaluating a diamond

A diamond should always be appraised by an appraiser who is trained and good at gemology and valuation. There are a few characteristics that appraisers look for while evaluating diamonds. These characteristics are:

  • The most important characteristic is colour; the less the colour the more valuable the stone is. Colourless diamonds are the most expensive diamonds whereas the stones that have yellow tone are worthless. For determining the colour these are colour grading scales in which the grades are assigned depending on how colourless the stone is.
  • Diamond clarity is also something that is important for evaluating; clarity means to see how clear a diamond is. Diamonds that are flawless are more valuable than the ones who have imperfections. Clarity can be best checked and assessed when the diamond is loose; it is not easy to check the clarity of a mounted diamond.


  • Diamond cut is another characteristic that is important for appraisal; cut refers to the table percentage, depth percentage and girdle thickness. Along with the cut the shape also holds a significant place in evaluation.
  • Like clarity and colour diamond carat is also a feature needed for evaluation. The bigger the diamond the higher the appraisal value. Carat is also measured when the diamond is loose just like colour and clarity.

For getting the diamonds appraised in a proper manner it is important to look for an appraiser who is trustworthy and would not fool anyone by evaluating the diamond in a wrong way. Diamond appraisal is quiet important in order to get it insured in today’s time.


Finding Worth the Cost for Your Diamonds

If you are planning on selling your diamonds or any diamond jewelries, carefully choose those diamond buyers with high integrity and trust worthy. Exquisitely including a fair quote from a diamond expert is the best diamond selling process with fast payout, secure shipping and most importantly has diamondback guarantee. Take your time to compare different online diamond dealers in the industry. Ensuring you can be able to get the exact value of your diamonds, while dealing and working with the distinguished and reputable one.

The Advantage and Disadvantages

 Selling diamonds online is the best option and has been proven if you want to auction your jewelries. Be aware also that online diamond buyers are paying you a higher amount of your gemstone compared to any other pawnshops or any goldsmith. Looking forward with this, the process is likely finding it very convenient and quite simple. Take time to do a research that will allow you to enhance your experience on the different diamond buyers.

You can also get better impact from reading online diamond buyers reviews before you proceed in choosing the best one. Selecting this option is actually a smart choice for you since you can typically get a much higher rate. The online companies also have the advantage to decrease the overhead value so they can raise your rates of your diamonds. The only thing you have to be careful of is that choosing the best and reliable company to trust with your diamonds.

Higher Rates in Online Diamond Buyers

 They do not have much cost in this industry like running or operating retail stores. In which we all know that costs too much for their monthly expenses or bills and that is the big reason why online diamond buyers can offer you higher rates or bigger amount for your diamonds. They also have their own tools and resources to produce accurate valuations which they know that they will profit from and that is what they specializes in this kind of business.  This lead in providing the customers with more value for their diamonds in hopes of taking away business from the competitors and by refining the process over time to further decrease the costs.

Equipped with Expert Appraisals

 Since they only focus on this single industry, they have the capability to hire an online diamond grader. On the other hand, pawn shops, establishments need to hire staff that is knowledgeable enough with these various ground that can lead them to unqualified people placing a value on your diamonds.


5 Foods That Can Help In Butt Enhancement

Wanting a larger butt but scared of going through surgery? You can also try the more natural ways of butt enhancements such as pills and cream. This will also help you achieve the butt size you desire on your body.

However, these natural ways usually take time to materialize and in some cases, may not materialize at all. You will definitely go impatient and start to lose hope. Don’t resort to overdosing yourself. There is also a very natural supplement to help your butt enhancement pills and cream to work. This is the food that you intake. Here are 5 foods that can help in butt enhancement.

Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables are not only good for losing weight but also a good butt enhancing food. Amino Acids are needed when it comes to butt growth. Since green vegetables are rich in amino acids, this must be included in your diet to boost the effectiveness of the pills or cream.

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Eating steak can fatten up your butt. Steak has a very large amount of protein inside of it that your butt will need. This will enrich your butt flesh, therefore, adding mass to your butt. This is also a very tasty meal to eat. However, be cautious that steak can also fatten up your belly. So make sure to do some belly exercises to avoid belly fats.


This is definitely the easiest cooked protein meal available. Not only it is fast and convenient to prepare but also it contains a very large amount of protein. This, of course, will help you with the butt enhancement.


Another butt enhancing food that you will certainly be delighted to know is the chicken. If you are so not in the vegetables then you can go for that delicious chicken recipe you had been starving for. This is not only very delightful to eat but also will help in the enhancement of your butt since it is very rich in protein.


If you are not so thrilled about the belly fat that you may occur because of eating steak and chicken, you can go for fish meat. Fish meat is not only brain food but also butt food. It is also rich in protein and can add mass to your butt.


Another thrilling butt enhancing food is nuts. Instead of snacking on fries, chips and other junk foods, you can snack on nuts. Nuts are not only known as memory boosters but also butt enhancers. They are high in good fats and protein. The best nuts that will give the best nutritious effects are almonds, cashews, and walnuts.

All of these food are not only really healthy but also can help in the enhancement of your butt. You will definitely enjoy the butt results and also your meal. For more of the butt enhancement creams and pills, please check HipsandBums Blog.


Going under the knife is both exciting and terrifying. For one, there’s that initial scare of going on the surgery table and being cut open, but the beautifying result is what keeps you excited. Whether you want a butt or boob enhancement, the days leading up to the surgery are pretty much the same. The after-period of resting can vary, but they’re generally similar too.

You don’t want to make the mistake of taking a surgery lightly. It may not be a life-threatening disease you’re treating but it’s still a surgery. If you’ve never gone under the knife then there are a couple of things you still need to be aware of. You want to have a successful procedure so you can enjoy the beautiful results without any hitch.

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Doctor’s Orders

The doctor will have a list of things that you can and cannot do before and after the surgery. Follow this like your life depended on it. Sometimes it even does. There are good reasons why he’s instructing you to do certain things around the time of the surgery. It for your benefit and his as well. The more you follow them, the less of a reason you have to worry whether the results will come out the way you want them to.

Stay Healthy

After the surgery, your body is obviously healing. You might be feeling some pain but that’s totally normal. During this period, it’s important to eat as many healthy foods as possible. Vitamins and nutrients can help the healing process. Avoid eating too much fatty food too. You want your body to be completely clean of toxins during this critical period.

Get Plenty of Rest

You might be an active person, but after the surgery it’s best to lay low for a time. Your body is still raw and bloody and too much activity can rupture any stitches you may have. There will be plenty of time to be out and about when your body part has successfully healed. Plus, you’ll most likely be wrapped up in bandages and you wouldn’t want anyone to see you looking like a mummy!

The process of going under the knife should be taken seriously. There are very real consequences that you face if you don’t follow the doctor and do all the wrong things. Take time to heal and rest and you’ll only be happy in the end that you did.

5 Ways to Improve Your Stand Up Paddle boarding Skills

After furious attempts at paddle boarding, you have experienced the most exhilarating ride of your life. Later it becomes a favorite activity, paddling along in flat waters and rivers. The SUP becomes an activity that you look forward to, thus you are wondering if there are other strategies to improve your paddle boarding experience:

Ask an expert.

If you have met water sports enthusiasts or paddle boarding experts, you can ask them to critique you when you are in your finest paddling form and see if there are still ways that you can improve them. It helps to listen to experienced individuals so early on you can adapt their suggestions and make your paddling runs more productive and enjoyable.

SUP board

Join a group.

When you feel that paddling becomes a hard habit to follow at times, you might need to connect to a group that can bring out the extra surprises in paddle boarding. It is best to join a group of experienced individuals who can assist you find solutions to your questions and concerns.  These people may have done paddle boarding longer than you do and that they can help you look at other resources to assist you.

Check your equipment and gear.

An improper equipment can break your paddle boarding experience. Make sure that you have a correct SUP board at the first place. Retailers and watersport shops can help you check if you have been correcting equipping yourself for your runs.

Get yourself fit and ready.

Prior to your paddle boarding runs, you need to prepare yourself to endure the demands of this activity. Check your posture at all times to prevent injury. As a rule,   avoid too much bending of the back, always straighten your back when moving and bend at the hips. When paddling always remember not to hold on to the paddle for dear life! Loosen your grip you practicing how to make the “OK” sign. Do stretches so you can easily rotate and move to get as much reach as you can.

Perfecting your strokes.

The only way to perfect your stroke is to actually go in the water and do it. No amount of reach can substitute for the actual paddle boarding in the water. As much as you can, practice your strokes in flat water first and refine your techniques. You can do this well after you have consulted the experts and you have your equipment checked.

Deal Toy Ideas to Consider

Are you planning on giving deal toys to respectable clients so that they won’t forget about your company? If so, then you already know the grueling process it takes for you to come up with a great design that’ll leave a lasting impact on the sights and minds of your client base.

Coming up with an idea for the design of a deal toy can be taxing, and it’s a needlessly time-consuming challenge at that. After all, there are a lot more important tasks that can help the firm than thinking about a toy design (not unless you’re part of a toy company, of course). To make your decision-making process easier than before, here are some deal toy ideas you ought to consider.

Make Use of the Location

When planning for the design for the deal toy, whether it may be a financial tombstone or a corporate paperweight, you might want to consider letting the item have a design that’ll go along with the client’s location. For instance, if your client is primarily dealing business in Texas, then the design of the item might want to represent the state. The look might even be in the shape of the state of Texas.

acrylic awards #57

Base It On the Transaction Type

Different types of transactions call for varying designs. For example, you might want to furnish the look of the deal toy in the likings of a bolt-on acquisition, a swap, or a Dutch auction. Either way, you might want to think outside the box, and custom deal toy manufacturers can even help you in that regard.

Inject Some Inside Humor Into the Gift

One way to know if you’ve got a strong bond with your client is if you already have some inside jokes lined up that you can laugh about at any opportune moment. Consider this thought when creating the design for your deal toy. For example, even if both firms don’t deal in the food industry but you always order pizza whenever you have meetings, then you might fashion the toy out of the famous Italian dish.

Highlight the Main Emphasis of the Deal

If the deal comprises of a massive acquisition, then you might want to highlight that in your deal toy. You might want to display it in a way that it’ll automatically grab the attention of whoever looks at it, such as an extremely large text.

Expand your choices when creating the design for your deal toy. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone when thinking of a look for the corporate gift. You can seek the help of a custom deal toy maker to ease your stress and worry.

Why you need an acrylic award piece

Question, if you are a person being given a prestigious award, the highest honorary award in the history of the universe would you accept it rolled in a piece of printed A4 size paper? But kidding aside, if someone won a championship they get a trophy, A ring, If someone wins in the Olympics they get medals but an employee whose performance is second to none and a leader that contributed to the company’s growth (he might have even drag the company to its success) and all he got was a thank you and a piece of A4 size paper as a sign of gratitude.

That’s not how you treat a valuable asset, in fact, no one that deserves an award and recognition deserves such a thing. Money is acceptable but a thank you award in an A4 size paper and just printed on the office printer (not even colored) isn’t worth it for anybody.

acrylic awards #57

There’s a better option: even frame the A4 printed paper and even print it in color. There’s a better option and you know it. You see these things that are presented in any person worthy of it. These are acrylic awards #57. Beautiful, stylish, quality, sophisticated and durable as long as you don’t break it intentionally.

Acrylic awards:are the best option really; when you see it you know it’s not just a piece of object. You can put something inside it; you can engrave it, paint it and even stick something into it. If you want to give an award to someone worthy this is it.

It feels good in the hand: The heaviness, the smoothness, the feel, the look and the size of these acrylic awards are something to behold indeed. These things have just the right weight that you can feel the quality in its built. Its beauty makes you want to work and be worthy of it.

Make any awards and recognition more special. Don’t give just a piece of paper like your handing a fake graduation diploma, scrap the thought of even framing these papers because they still do feel cheap. Make it more special with acrylic awards. These awards will surely turn heads and many people will still appreciate it in many years to come. These types of awards are like trophies and worthy to be beside of trophies not like paper that can be lost somewhere and a frame that can be hanged and fall someday.

How to Restore a Forest After Deforestation?

Whether it was caused by mankind or by natural disasters, deforestation occurs throughout the world. It has been proven to be able to give dangerous effects such as massive soil erosion, water cycle disruption and an increase in emissions of greenhouse gases. It has continued to affect lots of people around the world.

However, people all over the world had been trying to find ways to restore the damages of deforestation. People had experimented ways to effectively rise again the once destroyed forest. This is called reforestation and here are some of the ways to restore a forest after deforestation.

Deforestation facts

Direct Seeding

This literally means planting tree seeds on the soil of the deforested area. This really the longest way to restore the forest because it really takes time for the seeds to sprout much less grow into a thick-barked tree. This also requires lots of guarding since insects may eat the seeds. There are also great chances that only 4 out of 10 seeds will grow into a full-grown tree.

Baby Tree Propagation

Making seed sprout is very difficult and critical. A seed requires a lot of nurturing for it to sprout. Since chances of boring successful sprouts from direct seeding are very low, experts tried to do Baby Tree Propagation. This is done in tree nurseries wherein all that is needed to is put a seed in a pot of fertilized soil. Put the pot in the nursery and will get the same treatment like the rest. This method has higher chances of sprouting. When the little trees are old enough to grow on the deforested soil, they will be carried out to the restoration site and be replanted there. Then at that point, they will just grow using the available nutrients in the area.

Tree Relocation

This is definitely the simplest method to use in restoring a forest. It is simply moving the trees from its original spot to the deforested area. This is also very difficult because this requires a lot of digging. The trees must be uprooted and rerooted in their new spots. This also requires massive trucks for transportation.

Whichever of these methods are done, they will be a good start on rebuilding the forest. However, unlike deforestation, reforestations takes decades and even centuries to finally return the area to its old self. It is always easier to prevent it than to cure it.

Deforestation: Past, Present, and Future

Deforestation is the thinning or clearing of forests, and the act is generally caused by human action. It represents one of the largest issues known on the planet as human life isn’t the only one getting affected by the deed, but plant life, wildlife, whole ecosystems, and habitats as well.

Most of the thinning and clearing of vast gatherings of trees are for human use, which includes the acquisition of wood to transform into paper or furniture. However, humans aren’t the only element at fault in the case of deforestation, as there are certain instances when nature is the root of the cause. Nonetheless, the problem exists for centuries, and there might come a time when there’ll no longer be a piece of land to deforest due to the lack of trees.

Deforestation facts

History of Deforestation

Deforestation facts dictate that the conversion of forests for different purposes has been around history for centuries. Dozens of cultures clear out forests for the sole reason of having more land for infrastructure and agricultural purposes. Even though most of the areas found in the world cleared for grazing and crops represent the continuing issue of deforestation, this problem is still seen as transient. During the 1870s, about half of the eastern side of North America was deforested at least once due to the European colonization that took place since the 1600s. Even today, there are large land areas found in the same region that still have uncut forests.

Deforestation at Present Times

One of the major contributors of deforestation in modern times is the practice of “slash-and-burn” agriculture, which is also called as swidden agriculture. In this process, small-scale farmers clear out forests by burning them to the ground. However, the ashes are then used as soils and fertilizers to grow crops. However, this type of land will only bear good results for a few years, and the entire process repeats itself.

The Future of Earth Brought by Deforestation

Even though there are still large patches of land with many lush greens that are home to many wildlife, plants, and ecosystems, there might come a time wherein the human desire for more infrastructure, agricultural progress, and sustenance from various resources will bring about the world without huge gatherings of trees. It can result in nigh irreparable damage such as climate change, the extinction of numerous species, wildfires, and droughts.

Even though deforestation is a problem since the dawn of our Earth, we’re now more than intelligent enough to figure out solutions to help stop the anomaly. If we don’t do anything soon, then there’ll be no more forests for future generations to experience.

Why getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym

In order to get fit, do you really need to go to the gym? Some people who got used to it would easily say yes. But what if there’s no gym around or the gym is 2 hours away? Would you even answer the same? Maybe yes or maybe no.

But one thing is certain, you don’t necessarily need a gym to get fit, you will even be surprised by the things that you can do in your home and how much your very own house can give you much of a challenge.

Not always the choice: There are plenty of things that you can do in your home or outside for that matter, a gym is just a place. And why limit yourself with the gym right? Is it because of the equipment? The trainers? You will be shocked on how many and various exercises you can actually cover even without gym equipments. Running is one, if you want a good challenge running outside is the best, run on trails, on beaches.

Expensive: You pay $$ dollars every year for a gym membership and what do you do? You only run on the treadmill for half an Hour. Half an hour and it’s not even every day that you’re doing it. You’re doing it once or twice a week. In a money perspective that’s not a very wise investment indeed. If that’s the only thing that you go to the gym for, why not just buy a treadmill in your home, you will even have more chances in running it, if it’s your home than in the gym.

Environment: Yeah it can be inspiring seeing buff people doing some lifts an people with six packs doing some pull ups but would you rather prefer that or run in the beach sun kissed? In the trail where you get to go up a hill and experience the sunset, the ever challenging snow, and the elements that give you serenity, peace of mind, relaxation and a challenge all at the same time. That’s way better right? Pretty dramatic even.

People sometimes never realize that you don’t need to limit yourself in the 4 corners of the gym because we have the whole world as our playground and the more that we open to it and appreciate its beauty and even see the hidden tricks you won’t even want to go back to the gym anymore. The fact of the matter is that the gym offers you a place where you can train. Everything from running, jumping, other forms of exercise, lifting and much more. You may get the best results but you’re missing the best part especially if you’re an outgoing person or loves the nature because the experience that you get from outside is way better than being cooked up in the four corners of the gym. Outside it’s just you, Mother Nature and the environment. And even in your home! Where you can spend more time with the family. If you are open to that do some personal training and hire a personal trainer, try it!