Your living room is the first room that your guests will see when they come to visit your home, and space sets the impression for how your guests feel about your living style. It’s also a place for relaxing with your friends and family. The design of your living room reflects about the rest of your home.

It’s expensive when you plan to remodel it and make it physically larger in space. There are many ways that are easy to implement and also in your budget.

Below are the ways that you’ll find easy-to-do to make the living room modern with creative ideas to decorate it.

Floor is the one thing that should be primarily focused

Floor is the one thing that should be primarily focused

When it comes to making any area look larger, the floor is one of the most impact spaces. It takes a significant amount of space and to expand the room size, you can use flooring material, such as carpet or wood and adjoining the room with other rooms. If you’ll create a design in a flow, it would make the area look larger than earlier.

Your furniture also helps in expanding the area, so use cabinets, tables, and sofas with legs that’ll not cover the area rather it’ll fade the floor under them.

Walls are the biggest advantage you can take

While remodeling your house, without construction crew, you can’t alter the wall’s location. But if you’ll use the room décor, the room will appear to be bigger. Because, using room décor, the height of walls seems to be increased and if you’ll want to accomplish the floor-length curtains, close to the ceiling, using bookshelves will force the guests to look up on the walls.

Arrange the uninterrupted flow of traffic

If the movement is uninterrupted, it signifies that space is larger. So if you’ll arrange the furniture in a proper way that lets you move with ease from one place to another in your living room, it means that you’ve utilized the area perfectly.

By determining the way how someone enters the room and where they’ll go first will let you easily decide and arrange the traffic flow in the room. Suppose they’ll move to sofa first, then you need to arrange your furniture such that they can move toward it without any obstruction.

Also, make sure to leave enough space to move to perform certain tasks like opening or closing windows, light switches, moving to the room connected to the living room.

To add reflection of light, use mirror

Mirror is the best to reflect light and if you use them in living room, the area will appear to be bigger due to reflection. Prefer to use them in front of the attractive décor such as flowers that would please the eye and reflect its beauty.

Try not to use mirrors on complete walls as it’ll look retro and make the interior unattractive. Instead, you can go for the mirrored frames that would look attractive and unique.

Make a point, the center of attraction

Make a point, the center of attraction

Accentuate a point of focus by adding an attractive piece of painting, frame, or modern furniture. This would let your guests look at it and they’ll not think about the room size anymore. You can also add an antique accessory or a traditional piece at the focal point that would work as the center of attraction.

Follow the above ideas, design it well

The living room of your house is the only room that has more than one function as it’s used as play room, dining room, and an office too. So you need to put some extra efforts to make it comfortable, attractive, and harmonious. By the above-mentioned ideas, you can decorate it well when you plan to remodel it.