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Get know about the best marketing trends

There are a lot of marketing trends that have emerged and developed over the past few years. Some are making a splash in and out of the industry, such as influencer marketing. These seem to be here for good, but there is always room for something new to come out and create some buzz.

A good understanding of the facts, awareness of the changes, and proficiency in dealing with the trends can help a marketer develop better strategies for his organization.

One of the most popular marketing trends over 10 years old is influencer marketing. This is a marketing strategy where marketers look for influencers to help promote products and services to their audience. These influencers are famous personalities with thousands or millions of followers on social media. They can be celebrities in the entertainment or sports industry or internet personalities.

Ronn Torossian aims to bring greater awareness of a product or service to an audience that might not know about it otherwise. The influencers are given incentives in the form of monetary compensation to promote the development and its features to their followers.

Ronn Torossian

A study conducted in 2013 by Blogherald shows interesting facts about this strategy. It says that 80% of marketers use influencer marketing, but only 10% say it works for their business. This means there are still some issues with influencer marketing, such as data-driven insights, relevancy, and scale.

With the rise of popularity in social media, Instagram has become one of the most favored platforms for influencers. It is a platform that allows businesses and bloggers to upload photos or videos and share them with their followers. They can also create hashtags that are specific to their niche so that they can further spread awareness of their products and services.

The International Business Times says that Instagram’s explosive growth has attracted marketers interested in advertising on the platform. More than half (58%) of companies have created an Instagram account for marketing purposes. EMarketer shows that this figure is predicted to increase over the next few years.

Public Relation, one of the Important Element to Lead the Successful Business

Any kind of business that wants to be successful all the departments in the company should function effectively and efficiently. In those, the public relation is the one having more importance than the other since it takes the business of the brands or products to the public. On most occasions, the value of public relations could not be realized easily until the issue faced towards the sales and profits of the business. It involves managing the business image and its reputation in the public market. It holds a lot of responsibility including the marketing that helps the company or the business to the positive direction and growth. Hence the proper utilization of the public relation in the company will help them to create a better reputation and positive images. Let us see some of the benefits of public relations in this article.

Brand Awareness: Public relations is helping the business to create awareness of their products and brands through designing the required content about the business and company in an attractive manner. It improves the communication between the firm and customers in a holistic way to achieve the target that the creation of product awareness.

Improvising the Brand Creditability: Public relation is a key in the business to improvise brand creditability. It clearly exhibits the business or company view or opinion also the information about the brands or the products to the outside world effectively. It has the responsibility to maintain the creditability of the business once it is establishedby creating a positive impression.

Ronn Torossian

Talent Identification& Recruitment: Yes, Public relations is taking responsibility for the talent identification and recruitments for the company whenever it demands. Collecting the required profile for the talents based on the concern department request and submitting the same to the department to get the best talent. It is acting as a bridge to get the best talents into the company.

Beyond these, public relations should maintaina smooth relationship with the media because the media coverage will deliver the best output than any other marketing strategy. It is being mandatory for them to develop and maintain the relations with good terms. Ronn Torossian the NYC-based public relations executive insisting the importance of public relations to lead the business successfully. Also, he isa 5WPR founder of a full-time public relations company that provides various public relations services to boost business activities. RonnTorossian is also suggesting the implementation of augmented reality technology in the marketing tool to promote the business.