You can be able to explore all the three islands of gili in one day and get back to the place Bali. This is the tourist trip for the people who love and admire swimming, snorkelling, eating, sunbathing, and sightseeing. You can even have fun through gili island day tour from bali and explore the three gili islands which are famous. The tour actually starts from bali cruising through fast boat or you can go through plant via Lombok airport.

Highlights of this tour

This is the most prominent island for most of the young people for entire relaxation or partying about night. Gili meno is the island which is smallest among the three with amazing spots of diving. Another island gili air has many visitors which choose the atmosphere roots and feel of being a part of the group. Snorkelling is possible on gilis with clear blue water where you might experience to be same as in paradise.

How to explore the gili island:

You are picked up early from the hotel in bali and shuttle administration is offered by company of fast boat. Then you arrive at padanga bai and wait for the time of departure. You go in fastboat from bali to gili trawangan. It might take about two hours to reach gili in north west. You can then meet your guide and captain of boat that can take you to spot of snorkelling. You can even swim and navigate through the islands which are beautiful. Later lunch is offered in a local restaurant on basic of set menu. From airport you can go to bali through the plane.