Over the years the speed of Internet has increased multiple folds with Dial Ups and then Broadband taking over the scene. In the current scenario of Industries and Lifestyle there is a constant demand for high speed Internet to channelize the mammoth amount of data globally to act as a source of revenue generating edge and entertainment factor. Let us take a glimpse at why the need for fast Broadband is as important as the advent of broadband and broadband comparison.

Internet Dependent Services

More Device, More Speed.

As if Smartphone and Computers were not enough that Internet of Things has made people connect their Television, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Cars and Kitchen Appliances to the Internet too. In the race to make lives and devices smarter the need of high speed broadband has increased by miles.

Internet Dependent Services

A huge number of lifestyle services like health related apps, food delivery apps, Cab Booking Apps, Online Registrations Portals, Netflix, Social Media Websites etc. all depend on bandwidth for support and without proper speed Users are bound to miss out on this making a lapse in our move towards making everything Smart.

Fast broadband need to have the same price as basic broadband

As the number of users have increased the prices of fast broadband services need to fall significantly for users to and thereneeds to be a small difference between the price of fast broadband and basic broadband services.

Conventional broadband services are no more in trend

In contrast to traditional broadband services, high-speed fibre broadband utilisesfibre-optic cables, which are immune to interference and do not suffer the signal attenuation experienced by copper lines. As a result, fast broadband services deliver high speeds and reliability.

Fast broadband connectivity is essential for many businesses

Irrespective of the size and type of businesses, high speed Internet has slowly become the back bone on which they rely upon. Fast broadband provides efficiency improvements and cost savings, through improved online sales and marketing along with and end to end business solution module for each type of business.

Fast broadband improves work-life balance

Traditional broadband services may not permit reliable access to employees to communicate effectively with colleagues or customers, while in this generation of working families it is very important to attain a work life balance by having a secure set up to work at home too.

All the industries, innovators and devices will be competing for the available limited bandwidth, and existing broadband services with slow speeds will surely become a bottleneck. With growing population, where there is a significant number of people involved in services and businesses related to Internet, basic broadband is no longer enough.