If you have doubts about What is Microsoft Veeam? This article will teach you about Microsoft Virtual Earth. Veeam aims to eliminate the risk of losing data and give access control over the Microsoft data about the business organization that includes Exchange, SharePoint, drives, Microsoft Team, and other business data.

When a business organization uses Microsoft Veeam, the data is always protected and accessible at anytime and anywhere you wish. The Veeam gives a secured backup for the Microsoft data at any location over the hyper-scale cloud or a service provider.

It is used to protect the data from accidental deletion, disasters, security threats, and policy gaps. Veeam helps to restore the data in the Microsoft account quickly, the data includes files and sites within the industry that require recovery and flexibility. Here, you have learned “What is Microsoft Veeam? And how is it used?”

Advanced software of Veeam has improved the restore portal that empowers the IT company to protect the data, files, email, and other details securely in a location. The advanced backup system in Veeam has enhanced cloud storage.

The feature of a Microsoft veeam backup includes

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Replication
  • Continuous data protection
  • Backup copy
  • Storage system
  • Recovery verification


You can back up the organization’s data as per you wish to secure it.


You can restore the data lost due to an accident or required in a new location.


You can create an additional copy of data from the original data.

veeam software

Continuous data protection

You can protect your critical data up to reaching the recovery point objective.

Backup copy

You can also copy the backup file into a secondary repository if required.

Storage system

You can back up, store, and restore the data by creating and storing the data in a secured storage system at Microsoft veeam.

Recovery verification

You should pass the verification test with the password to access the recovery data at the veeam storage system.