The capture of electronic signatures

Capturing autographs is simple and accurate using an e – signature pad. It also keeps track of the day and hour the signing was obtained, making auditing, monitoring, and validation that much easier. Add your brand or marketing materials to the signing pads. electronic signature capture for pharmacies has included the following:

  • PSE
  • Bank Card
  • Prescriptions


Improved security

With protective measures like automated verifiable proof, customers could rest assured that the papers will reach the proper individuals. This verifiable proof process, also known as KBA, is necessary for such IRS papers like the 8878 it 8879 as well as protects your customers’ papers safe.

Simple to utilize in a variety of businesses and nations

Users are acclimated to the eSignature process and appreciate the simplicity of leaving a message immediately off the smartphone, regardless of where they’re from or in which they are situated.

Workflow monitoring

You can quickly see someone has viewed, signed, or cleared a file, as well as who is causing delays. Without the physical paper, you’ll get a comprehensive written record of who accessed the item or how.

For your convenience

Gather signatures & permissions on many papers without publishing a single page

Clients will have a much richer outcome

Clients may sign quickly and easily from any location and on any platform! Clients nowadays expect real-time internet access.

Faxing via computer

The e-fax procedure is simple, dependable, and premium since it removes necessary prints or home phones. You may quickly receive medication messages and make pre-approval requests by sending digital faxes. For customers’ added security, all patient data is hundred percent safe thanks to HIPPA certification.

Reduced Transaction Fees

  • A signature is valid for the duration of the contract, eliminating the need for repeated signatures.
  • Because each phase of the process is verified and freely accessible by all participants, major concerns may be highlighted and monitored until the process is completed.
  • Even though the participants are spread across the globe, digital records ensure that contracts are updated and executed quickly.

Inclusion to the aforementioned Electronic Signature capture for pharmacies cost reductions, automated electronic signature procedures can decrease the monetary impacts of physical errors, including such signature mistakes, which could also hold the process down or create costly difficulties if not identified early on.

By delivering notifications regarding dubious records, e – signature technology can help limit hazards.