Dating is a step before a serious relationship, it’s a common ground for like-minded people to meet halfway and decide if there is a future between them or not. Dating is also not a very simple process to do, you might be willing and happy to go on dates for the promise of that love, but if you think about it there are many aspects in dating that makes it a pain. Traditional dating circles around a pickup, getting ready, paying bills and repeat.

If you got 3-5 dates in a week, that might be the reason why you’re going broke. Because as much as your happy going on dates, it’s slowly killing your finances. While there’s no rule that you need to spend in order to find love, still you do need to look good which is why you buy decent clothes, you buy perfume, some nice leather shoes, get a haircut, go toa nice fancy restaurant, drink a nice bottle of champagne and pay the bills. This is where dating apps come along, these things are you’re saving grace because it makes dating easy and cheap.

Its a place for like-minded people: The default with dating apps is that it gathers like-minded people, these are the people that are looking for love thru dates. This means you don’t need to use your corny pickup line on the streets or in a bar to get a scheduled date, it’s as easy as chatting or texting a friend.

It can help you practice your pick up skills: If your bad at picking up people to have a date with you, then maybe your pick up lines suck or your just that bad. Dating apps can help you hone your skills. Being random helps you build your confidence and helps you come up with some really good pick up lines that works. Of course, there is also a possibility of some person that you practiced your pick up line on will go out with you.

Its where people are going to find love: With a society that has a lot of working professionals, the reason for some that they aren’t finding love is because they don’t have time for it. They are so busy with their careers that love is just pushed aside. But with dating apps, this is no longer an excuse. You can use it like a social media, open it on your free time, spend a minute or two, converse with someone and actually find people that you would think that would work for you.

There might be no rules as to how you find love but by today’s standards, you need to dress to impress and ready to pay the bills. That’s fine but if you’re doing that 2-5 times a week then that might be the reason why you’re going broke. Finding love shouldn’t be that costly, this is the reason why many people are exploring Dating apps since it has many benefits like the ones that are mentioned above.