Strategies to Increase Engagement through Content

Undoubtedly, the fundamentals of demand generation have been completely changed because of the inbound marketing. The strategy used to attract users through content on search engine optimization, social media that took over the complete world of B2B marketing. The cost of inbound marketing is 61 percent less than the traditional way of advertising and generates around 54% more leads as compared to outbound marketing.

Usually, your customers don’t want to get targeted with annoying advertisements, instead, they love to read the content that has the quality to engage, educate and entertain.

Presently, a number of companies are investing more in marketing through content and focusing on providing the relevant and useful content to buyers. Now, every content marketing team publishes its content and makes it reach from blog posts, webinars, newsletter, eBooks and more.

But now, just creating more content isn’t sufficient. In order to get more reads on your content, you need to define your brand’s uniqueness.

Strategies to Increase Engagement through Content

There are some rules and strategies that you need to follow for promoting your content.

It’s possible that around 80 percent of your time you just spent in creating your content, while the remaining 20 percent in promoting it. But now the formula has changed, and according to the new formula, you need to spend around 20 percent of your time in creating your content. While 80 percent in promoting it to increase engagement. Below are some ways to market your content that would lead to increase in engagement.

  • Promoting the content on your website: You no longer need to hide the whitepapers and confine your resources. Make them visible and promote them across your entire website; since they deserve to get promoted.

If a visitor is browsing your website, and if you’re providing all the information in your content, chances are that they’re interested in getting knowledge and in gaining more knowledge. This would improve the user’s experience and increases the conversions.

Use your email signatures for your content promotion: It’s been recorded through an analysis that people sends around 121 emails on an average in a day. If your employees will promote the content in their signatures under your email, the visibility of your content will increase and you can take benefits of this channel, which is under-utilized.

• Pin your content to your twitter profile: If you want to increase the visibility of the content, pinning a tweet to your Twitter profile is one of the ways to do so. If you pin a tweet, it’ll be visible on your profile page by default, no matter when you pinned it. You’ll get a huge amount of traffic on your post, and in fact, if one of the twitter cards is pinned by Buffer, you’ll get 10x as many conversions.

Also, you can use Twitter Analytics to check how many people are engaged with your post and profile. It usually shows the results in a 28 day period.

• Use retargeting the ads: There are marketers who are working on retargeting campaigns in which they are trying to re-engage the visitors, who previously visited their websites. They try to take them back to their website, to complete an action like requesting a demo or a free trial. Using the retargeting of ads is one of the effective ways; since you’re investing in the leads that are qualified leads you’re getting from those who’re interested in taking.

Making your content unique and stand out is harder in this competitive landscape of B2B marketing. Trying the above strategies will help you promoting your content on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other and you’ll get the desired results.