The Real Story of Highs and Lows in the Business

There is no easy way to succeed when it comes to business. Entering it takes a lot of courage for someone to do and try it. That’s the reality because of the journey that awaits those willing to test their ability and luck handling business. But even though it is a difficult one, many people are still engaging with it alongside their belief that success will come into their lives once they achieve their goal in the business industry’s challenging world.

For anyone here who entered into the business industry, surely they went through highs and lows already. But there are cases for those who are still starting, wherein they have not yet reached the success they are desiring. These kinds of stories are normal in the world of business. Sometimes, there are sad stories of failure and bankruptcy of companies that started and remain strong but inevitably collapsed later on.

The Story of MoviePass

            One sad example of a company that started strong but inevitably failed at the end of the journey is MoviePass. It is an enterprise that was founded back in 2011 by great entrepreneurs. The same story with other kinds of business launched their brand than did not get the feedback they expected. It is normal with numerous start-up businesses. It is a normal process to go along with, most notably if this is the first time taking the industry.

            When the advisor of the MoviePass took place as its CEO, many great things happened through the significant changes she implemented. The development of the company is already seeing and flourishing as time goes by. Her ability to understand the market made it become the talk of the town. Then, they became a success later on through unveiling such goals they have planned and expected. Through its success, a partnership with other investors happened.

            The parent company of the MoviePass is Helios and Matheson, which is an analytics company. That is why they successfully executed the digital movie ticketing service. The CEO of it, named Ted Farnsworth, aspires to reach many people using the modern way of movie ticketing. Both the advisor and CEO planned everything, but things did not come up as they were expected when they executed things already. Then, it became the start of challenges inside the company and their difficulties in reaching their target market.

Their story shows that any company can inevitably experience the highs and lows in the business industry. That is the reality that today’s generation should also know.