Is LASIK Eye Institute Right for Me?

For more than a million Americans who have undergone LASIK surgery since its commercial introduction in 1991, the results have been more than satisfactory. This saved them from the ugly glasses on his face, as well as the discomfort of wearing contact lenses. This technology has been around since the 1940s and progress has always been increasing. LASIK, actually an abbreviation for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, can be performed in cases of vision problems such as nearsightedness (nearsightedness), farsightedness (farsightedness), and astigmatism. With new advances in medical technology, the options you can choose to correct your vision are varied. And power is always beneficial. The prestigious LASIK ophthalmic institute will always make sure to consider all the available alternatives to choose the one that works best for you. Additionally, most of the LASIK eye institutes in Chicago are currently taking it upon themselves to provide you with various lucrative offers and financing plans to reduce your financial problems.

You Can Spot the Best Lasik Surgeon


LASIK procedure

LASIK actually involves focusing an excimer laser beam (which is a dense ultraviolet beam that does not heat up) onto the corneal tissue of the eye. It touches the cornea only to a microscopic depth, evaporating small parts of it and thus correcting your vision. This practice is technically known as photoablation. Aside from this traditional practice, many new versions emerge every day, such as wavefront LASIK technology. It is a popular LASIK eye surgery option in Chicago. It is able to diagnose vision problems with great precision. It involves transmitting a specific wave of light to the eye, which is returned by a wavefront system. The information provided by the wave is transcribed into a 3D model of the eye on a computer screen, which tells the surgeon exactly what to do. Most LASIK institutes in Chicago provide their patients with this latest technology.

Another technology, called LASEK, is also practiced at kraff eye institute Chicago. This is an improved version of LASIK since it does not require incisions; only the laser beam is used for this purpose. This is a superior and safer option.