The Ultimate Guide To Get Bikini Body

Women or men both are quite conscious about their bodies. Who doesn’t want to have a fit body? For women it is common to wish to have a perfect bikini body. It is one of the fitness goals of all time. In order to achieve that you need to have the right guidance. Merely exercising will not help. Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal fitness trainer who has used her experience and knowledge to make a great bikini body guide. This has been profiting many and you should also know about it in details before taking a step ahead.

The workout plan

This plan stands out from the rest due to many reasons. First of all, it is not the same old routine which either limits your diet or pressurizes you on only exercising. It is a combination of both which helps you attaining a great body. It gradually helps your body to develop and not be skinny. Your muscles strength and great appearance is what the guide gives you and not skinny looks. No matter what size you are now this program is made to bring out the best in just 24 weeks.

The first phase is the beginner’s side which is of 12 weeks. In this time you get introduced to exercises and build stamina to prepare you for the next phase. It starts as easy as any amateur can also follow it. When you enter the advanced phase of the next 12 months the exercises get more challenging. The BBG Workout exercise routine is not monotonous. It includes pushups, squats, jumping and many more variants to keep it interesting. You will need a few equipment like jumping rope, dumbbell etc which can be purchased in less than $30 in total. Once you are done with the purchasing you are good to go.

And finally to talk about the diet, it sets a limit of 1600 calories a day. A person following this regime is allowed to have 1600 calories and not more in a day. Along with that you follow exercises to get the best results. It might seem difficult in the initial stage but you will get along gradually.

Purchase the guide

You can buy the guide online as it is in pdf format. It is a 279 pages long guide which costs $200. If you are lucky to have a discount coupon you can get it in as low as $39. You can also view reviews to know about the experience of people who have already used this. Follow Kayla Itsines on Instagram to see amazing transformation pictures and details of people who have followed her guidelines.