Melanotan II is quite similar to the substance present in our bodies known as “melanocyte-stimulating hormone” that increases darkening of skin pigments.

Why will I need it?

Melanotan 2 can be used to tan your skin, and is commonly referred as the “tanning drug”. It is because this darkens your skin pigments very significantly, and when it is used in the conjunction with the mild sun exposure, then you can get sun-kissed skin quickly if you take the right Melanotan 2 dosage chart!

How can I use it?

For using Melanotan II, you should not be much afraid of the needles. Do not worry, you require insulin needles for the peptides, and these needles are very thin, probably you will not know that they are present in you. You have to buy Bacteriostatic and sterile water, or sodium chloride solution that will be suitable to mix this Melanotan 2 powder. For doing this, you just withdraw 1mL of this solution and inject this solution in 10 mg vial of the Melanotan 2. Whenever you buy this solution, you will find that it is provided with not just Melanotan 2 solution however, the bacteriostatic water also. Before you commence making use of the product you have to mix 1 ml of water in self-tanning solution ensuring that you allow new mixture to settle before starting to use this. Ideally, you need to allow five to ten minutes for this mixture to choose before you start using it.

melanin injections

There were a few side effects during trials, and some of them included: loss of appetite, mild nausea, or men suffered from the spontaneous penile erections. The study was published, that states that men who have used MT2 suffer from the erectile dysfunction can achieve the erection and Melanotan 2 is the potent initiator of the penile erection among men with ED. There are some methods, which are in the development and studied under the clinical trials are implant version or pill form. The methods are undergoing research in different labs over the world as well as not mass produced.

 Final Words

Melanotan not the treatment and cure for anything.  Nor it must get considered the preventative treatment for the skin cancer.  In spite of tanning peptide known to protect your skin through natural tanning procedure, it isn’t in and itself the guaranteed and full proof ultra violet shield.  But, it is one good way for people who do not tan very easily to get the sun-kissed every year long with the minimal exposure to sun.