Living alone can be really empowering for anyone. However, things may not go just the way you want them to if you aren’t prepared. No matter where you live, you cannot be hundred percent sure that you’re always safe. This is why you need to play the game smart and it’s okay to not let people you don’t know that you live alone. So, be careful when you post something online and especially if you have public social media profiles, don’t reveal it when you’re home alone. Try to keep safety tools like pepper spray with you. Keeping a pepper spray near you when you go to bed can be very useful in case of emergencies.

pepper spray with you

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re living alone:

Security checks

Make sure you choose a safe neighborhood if you’re planning to live alone. Check if all the doors and the windows are made of wood or metal and the bolts are strong. Fix any issues right away and make sure nobody can easily break-in.

Be close to your neighbors

It’s very important to become friends with your neighbors and invite them over to your place since they are the ones who can reach out to you first in emergency situations. However, know them well before getting too close or revealing too much. Families with kids are the best choice when it comes to trustworthy neighbors.

Have friends over and organize parties

Organize parties and call your friends and family over to your place. It’s important to give a lively place impression to the outside world so that people know that you’re not going to be alone all the time. Even in this case, be sure about the people whom you invite. Do not invite strangers to a place where you live alone, even for a party.

Emergency app in your phone

There are many emergency apps that will help you notify your loved ones and the cops when in emergency, just with the touch of a button. Make sure you use it whenever you feel suspicious and never forget to keep your phone close to you when you go to bed.

Always lock your door

Even if you’re going out to check your mail box, lock your door, or keep an eye on it. Just a few seconds is enough for someone to slip inside.

Close your curtains

Try to keep your curtains closed when your alone so that nobody from outside will be able to make out what is inside and who all are inside.

Seek the help of your neighbors, friends, or the police

If you feel anyone’s outside the house or you hear suspicious noises, never shy away from calling the cops. You may be just imagining them but it’s better that you’re sure.