What is lumonol?
Produced by the brains at Avanse, Lumonol is drug which gives your memory and cognition a major boost. Lumonol gives your brain ‘upgrades’ in terms of memory, thinking speed, focus all the while keeping your anxiety levels at a comfortable low. An added bonus, it is entirely non-addictive, so you will not be developing a dependence nor suffer from any nasty side effects.

Switching into gear
Noopept in Lumonol works in three different ways to affect the brain. First, it affects two brain receptors, NMDA and AMPA, which are long established factors in the human learning process. Second, it influences the nerve growth factor and brain neurotrophic factor, both of which are essential elements in continued health and vitality of neurons. Third, it increases acetylcholine in the brain, the neurotransmitters that humans learn and retain memories.

Noopept is the revolutionary element in this supplement, with it working with other ingredients it may be the first truly limitless supplement in the market. Though still new, it already reported to have cumulative effects in mental prowess, from concentration to motivation to reasoning power, but most especially to memory according to earlier research across the planet.

Lumonol is ideally consumed before moments that require a surplus of brain power, be it a difficult examination, a long coding session or an open heart surgery. So is lumonol a real limitless pill?

is lumonol a real limitless pill

Is it effective for dementia?

Noopept which it the main ingredient in Lumunol, was originally created to help sufferers of dementia. That being the case a special formulation known as Lumunol Wisdom is made for people over the age of sixty who may be starting to develop signs of dementia. Lumunol can help older people remain independent and active for much longer before age catches up to them. If you can feel your years weighing down on you and feel that your youthful wit and vigor fading, Lumunol could be the key to living your golden years with a clear mind.

Is it effective for children?

Encompassing all generations, there is also a formulation especially for the younger ones. The supplement is called the Prep blend and is designed to boost your child’s academic performance while fighting back fatigue and poor mood that kids suffer in the classroom. Lumonol Prep has been proven effective at preventing children from becoming distracted and disrupting the class. It also helps to enhance the transfer of nutrients between cell membranes in order to make thinking more efficient.

Take your brain to a higher level

Nootropics is still a very young industry, and it is destined to become a game changer in the future. Lumonol has proved to be effective in increasing cognitive functions without side effects. It has reports of heightened moods and sharpened memories with its use. If you are unsure about taking mind enhancing supplements, fret not because it is made of all natural ingredients. But the only real way of knowing if Lumonol works for you is to try it for yourself and see what happens. The worst thing that may happen is you don’t buy again. At best? You’ll feel brighter, more alert, and ready to go through life in a way you never thought possibe