Women’s love affair with diamonds is something that is not hidden from anyone; diamonds indeed hold a special place in a lady’s life. The sparkle and the shine of these diamonds is something that attracts them to it; their rarity, their value and their appearance everything is quite captivating. But there is something that most of the consumers are unaware of, and that is diamond appraisal. All the diamonds and the diamond jewellery that a person buys need to be appraised.

A diamond appraisal means determining the value of a stone after a proper evaluation of its characteristics and then giving an official document that contains the appraisal result.  The most important reason for getting a diamond appraised is to determine its value in order to get a diamond insurance policy.

Characteristics for evaluating a diamond

A diamond should always be appraised by an appraiser who is trained and good at gemology and valuation. There are a few characteristics that appraisers look for while evaluating diamonds. These characteristics are:

  • The most important characteristic is colour; the less the colour the more valuable the stone is. Colourless diamonds are the most expensive diamonds whereas the stones that have yellow tone are worthless. For determining the colour these are colour grading scales in which the grades are assigned depending on how colourless the stone is.
  • Diamond clarity is also something that is important for evaluating; clarity means to see how clear a diamond is. Diamonds that are flawless are more valuable than the ones who have imperfections. Clarity can be best checked and assessed when the diamond is loose; it is not easy to check the clarity of a mounted diamond.


  • Diamond cut is another characteristic that is important for appraisal; cut refers to the table percentage, depth percentage and girdle thickness. Along with the cut the shape also holds a significant place in evaluation.
  • Like clarity and colour diamond carat is also a feature needed for evaluation. The bigger the diamond the higher the appraisal value. Carat is also measured when the diamond is loose just like colour and clarity.

For getting the diamonds appraised in a proper manner it is important to look for an appraiser who is trustworthy and would not fool anyone by evaluating the diamond in a wrong way. Diamond appraisal is quiet important in order to get it insured in today’s time.