Life gives you unexpected surprises some may be unpleasant and it is always good to be prepared and conquer them. From past some years, the self-defense is considered as an incredibly important subject and many people are highly recommending usage of this approach to stay safe. It is an absolute essential, to keep at least one self-defense item handy at all the time. Let us take a look at some of the best effects of using this weapon, such as: stun gun and Pepper Spray.

Pepper spray shows drastic effects


A Pepper spray shows drastic effects on the person who is exposed to it. If the spray is exposed on eyes, it might cause tearing of capillaries and temporary or permanent blindness. The spray may also, trigger acute coughing and inflammation of the throat. As a result of inflammation, the throat gets swelled up and cause obstruction in air intake. In rare cases, death of the person has been caused due to this spray. The other effect is burning or rashes caused to skin, after exposure to this spray.

It has now become a common parlance to unassuming passerby and leaves them injured, robbed or kidnapped or even worse killed in some instances. It is better to be equipped with a pepper sprays to make a get away before things turn ugly.

People need not worry when they step out they are equipped with the pepper sprays, as they have some defense mechanism against the attacker and can buy time to call for help or escape to a safer place. When buying online be sure that you don’t end up buying some other product which may be similar but may be dangerous and illegal too. Like the tear gas and mace. The concentration levels too have to be checked and the authenticity of the brand also plays a role some of the sprays may not be effective as they claim and there are a lot cheap sprays that go around in the market. Be sure to buy the right product. For example, 3 in 1 pepper sprays is mostly available in the market which ranges of spraying attackers of at least 10 feet distance range from you. It looks like a belt clip and easy to carry anywhere.