Finding ways to stop panic attacks is something that I have been working for ages. Being a working professional myself, as much as possible such must be something that must not happen. However, with my lifestyle and career, I have been having troubles stopping such.

Years ago, every single day when I return home from work, I always feel exhausted and even more so tired. Considering that I have only been sitting all day long in the office doing what I do best. The only thing I can do in order to relieve me then from stress would be to eat one good and the big meal every other day in another restaurant or a fast food chain. Oftentimes, my officemates would invite me to drink with them most especially during Fridays in order to ease the tension away. Little did I know that I was slowly becoming unhealthy.

The plot twist

Then one incident shook me. I was busy working on my yearend report when suddenly my heart palpitated. I tend to lose control of it and it just hurts. After which my hands were beginning to tremble in a way that I cannot stop. It is in this case I was beginning to wonder. Could this be my end? Am I leaving my family this early?

Good thing the said incident passes away quickly. However, I was unable to forget it. It felt like it was the end of the world for me. Then I just realized it was panic attack after all. From then I know that I must stop experiencing it again. Hence, I changed my lifestyle.

My sudden realization

I started it out by eating foods mixed with vegetables and fruits. I eventually changed taking soft drinks by taking in fruit shakes. In addition, I always see to it that I got to take in lots of water compared to drinking commercialized soda and even tea. It is in this regard as well that I managed to bring with me a fruit every day as well.

Sleep is essential

In the same manner, as much as possible getting enough sleep is also essential. As much as possible I would be getting more hours of sleep than the usual. Aside from that, I managed to make my workload lighter by doing it in the office. While at home I leave my work and just be with my family enjoying every minute of it. From then on I realized I became happier. In a way in order to stop panic attacks, you really got to take care of your life.

A panic attack can also affect the brain and how it process. Which is why I also took a smart drug to proactively shield my brain from harmful effects caused by it. During that time I also buy modafinil. This has been helpful in decreasing my fatigue and improving my memory and reaction time. You can buy modafinil online USA cheap if you are concerned with the cost. But regardless, in spite of its price, this has been extremely useful in keeping my panic attacks at bay whilst improving my brain functions.