Why use a real estate flyer when you can just talk to your prospects instead? This common thought has been harboring the minds of realtors who’re relatively new to the real estate scene. For one thing, talking to prospects without them having a visual guide on a property will make them bored of the conversation or their imagination will run wild that they might lose track of the conversation. Giving potential homeowners a flyer to look at while you talk to them can solve these issues, and perhaps even more.

Giving a flyer to an audience might sound like a no-brainer for many, but it’s still an effective marketing strategy nonetheless. The piece helps prospects to focus on vital points of the sales talk, such as the size of the property and its included facilities. Also, a real estate flyer can assist an agent in accurately conveying a message instead of throwing random pieces of information to your prospects.

On-Point Information

Step into the shoes of a prospect and try to listen what you’re trying to say to them. Would you believe a realtor without a flyer trying to say that a particular property has the size of “about 60 to 70 square meters,” or would you have more faith in an agent that can correctly tell you that a property has a land area of “67 square meters.” The answer is quite clear in this regard as giving highly detailed pieces of information to prospects will have a better chance of establishing a sense of trust in the business relationship as opposed to talking to a realtor who’s unsure of their answers.

It is in this case that a marketing material comes in handy, especially in the form of a flyer. While you’re talking to a prospect, hand them the flyer so that they’ll know what to expect if they decide to own the property. However, don’t input every bit of information about a particular property in the marketing material as it will make the flyer look messy, not to mention you’re not going to leave much to increase interests. You can start creating your first real estate flyer through Realtykit Flyers, and start seeing how your design fares in the eyes of your targeted audience.

“I’ll Call You”

 A good real estate flyer has a clear and concise call to action so prospects can know who to contact if they decide to go with the deal. Adding the contact information to the marketing piece must be done during the original design process and should not be forgotten. What happens if you forget? Then you might have to write your name and phone number on the flyer, which might not look very appealing. Furthermore, it also shows that you can forget key details, and potential buyers will notice when such an event does happen.

Furthermore, adding a call to action with pertinent contact information can make an audience feel an extra push of persuasion to seal the deal. If the real estate firm you’re affiliated with has a promotion, then you can tell that bit of information to your potential clients, and they’ll know where and how to reach you.