Jasper Venture Group (JVG), a company dedicated to multifamily housing, recently completed its first remodeling of a residential property. The renovation focused on changing the way the home functioned and looked. JVG worked with Aggressive Projects, Inc. to complete this project. By including these newly added features and amenities in this property, JVG can provide better living conditions for its tenants.

Jasper Venture Group is a company founded in October 2013 by Stephen J. Dillahunty, Adam Mitchell, and Jeffrey O’Brien. The company’s goal is to improve housing quality for its tenants. JVG has both owner and management control over its properties. The multifamily housing project that the company completed was located at 550 North Main Street in Jasper, IN. From their headquarters, they are primarily involved with the purchase, sale, and management of multifamily properties, where they can ensure the safety of their tenants and give them access to better quality education, health care, and safety services. With this new remodeling of a rental property, the company hopes to provide a better living and learning environment for its tenants.

ilio mavlyanov

To bring this property up to date, JVG lead by CEO ilio mavlyanov worked with Aggressive Projects Inc., a company that specializes in commercial construction. The physical renovations that JVG completed included a new home office, front porch, and landscaping for the front and back yards. The additional features that were added include an upgraded roofing system, fresh paint inside and out, a new HVAC system, new kitchen countertops, and new flooring in the home’s main living area.

One of the company’s main goals is to provide a property that looks good in both its interior and exterior. The exterior of this rental house was transformed from an older style with the previous clay tiles and older windows to a more modern and updated look with new siding, windows, gutters, and downspouts.

For JVG to be able to create the unit that it envisioned, it needed to address some serious problems before renovating. The first issue that the company addressed was the safety of their resident. The previous owners ran a source for illegal drugs inside this home which was causing a lot of issues for JVG’s tenants. After implementing new security features and hiring additional security personnel, the drug situation has been dramatically reduced, and tenants can now feel safer in their homes. Another great thing is that the company has also become more financially stable by selling the old property. By doing so, they have helped to provide a much-needed increase in wages to their employees as well as paid off some of the loans that they had taken on before purchasing their current property.