Collars are very good if you use them in a correct manner and familiarize it with your pet. Your pet then won’t feel discomfort from it. you have to choose the best one for your furry friend which is necessary. You can also choose flea collars for dogs which are very good and protect your pet from this use at Dewel pro site.

How collar damage your pet’s neck?

There can be many reasons for this issue as traditional collars can harm their neck if it pulls hard on the leash. Or when you pull your dog around by using a collar. And if this goes on then their neck can even lead to long-term medical problems as well. This will damage the thyroid gland and its tissues which are around the neck part. a chest harness is also a safer alternative to the neck collars which you are using.

buying a collar for your dog

Normal discomfort they have from collars

Sometimes they don’t lead to some serious problems but maybe your dog feels discomfort and due to that gets irritated. You should use your sense that time before buying a collar for your dog. If it looks more rigid and uncomfortable never by it, as it can be cheap but doesn’t hurt your pet with that.

Safety tips

When you go the sizing thing make sure your thumb fits it between the neck of your pet and the collar you are buying. Don’t buy a very loose one where you can put your whole hand. Space should be of thumb or one finger. And also the collar you are buying should fit differently which depends on the position of your dog. If your dog sits then their skin and body fat are redistributed so don’t forget this point.