Are you planning to adopt a new pet? Do you think it’s time to add a furry friend to your family? Then you must know certain guidelines about adopting and caring for your pet. Every cat or dog that you bring home will obviously take a day or two to get used to you and their new surroundings. They might feel reclusive, isolated from their mother or friends, and will be frightened in their new house. The situation might get even more severe, if you already have a bossy pet at home and bring in a new one.

Having a new pet at home is a learning process for both you and your pet because you’re learning to live with each other as one family.  Make sure you take the necessary measures to help and make your new furry or feline friend feel comfortable with you and their new home. Here are a few things you can do, while bringing a new pet to your home:

pet feel comfortable

  1. Your pets might badly require some space

New pet at home deserves your utmost attention; at the same time, they might also want to take rest or get some lone time to explore their surroundings. If you’re adopting an infant or new born pet, then they would definitely need a lot of sleep breaks and healthy food. Make sure you don’t tire them in the process of exciting them about their new home. It’s better to give them some space of their own to calm down and get used to the new place.

  1. Give them a structured lifestyle

When in a new place, any pet will look out for who their family is and would like to explore every new thing around them. Cats, especially, crave your attention and expect you to start playing with them or try to explore the new place. When it comes to dogs, they expect some routine, rules, and boundaries. You should start following a routine in giving them food, set a timeline for their play, take them out for regular walks, and start teaching them to follow rules and instructions. When you’re consistent with your training, your pets’ will easily fit into the routine and make good progress.

  1. Are you giving them the right stuffs?

Every pet will need their own food and water bowls, toys, regular attention, and a cozy place to rest. If you’re about to bring your pet home, start setting up their basic amenities before you bring them in. Buy a water and food bowl, some good grade pet food, litter tray, pet treats, clean a small area for him to rest, and more. Arrange these pet amenities in your house and then bring them home. Cats might need a lot of toys, cozy beddings, and good attention. Make sure you give your pets enough attentions and their basic amenities.

  1. Introduce them to their new family

Your pet wouldn’t know anyone in your house, so start letting everyone play around with him while giving him some time to rest. Your family members can give small treats to your pets, or everyone can take their turn to feed and play with your pet. If there’s already a pet make sure they develop good terms with the new pet and help avoid any fights between them. While introducing a new pet to the older ones, try scent swapping, like rubbing a towel on the new pet and letting your older one get used to their scent.

Always remember that pets aren’t perfect. Set only realistic expectations and understand that any transition will take some time. Above all, love them and help them be a part of your family.