Would like to improve an overall quality of the outdoor living experience?  Do you wish to add additional appeal to your patio or deck?  Want a place to store additional potted plants?  Easiest solution to achieve these things is building pergola screen for your house!

Purpose of pergola

Pergolas are generally made of different materials—metal, cedar, and vinyl.  You can find them in many home improvement shops and on several websites that provide custom kits that will allow you create an ideal pergola that actually matches to your taste.  The pergolas are simple to install as well as are affordable structures.  That depends on your requirements; pergola provides you significant benefits while it comes about creating your dream home.

Adding Pergola in Your Home – What You Need to Know?

Why You Must Have a Pergola?

Here are some top reasons why you must consider going down pergola avenue for your home:

  • They will create definite space – Pergola will add great definition to your patio. You may create the entertainment lounge or dining area that is profound, particularly if you don’t have any deck and patio. Suppose you want definite purpose in the outdoor area, pergola will be the right solution.
  • Get complete privacy – Suppose you don’t like to be on the display when you’re enjoying the outdoor space, then you must get pergola. Even though it’s open structure, you may create the privacy just by adding latticework, drapes, and screens at one side of a pergola.
  • Create extra space for your plants – You may add extra garden space in the outdoor area with pergola. You may hang plants from your boards or create beautiful garden in air. Pergola is suitable for the plants such as honeysuckle, clematis, wisteria, ivy, or grape vines since they grow from ground up and will create the beautiful natural ceiling since they intertwine themselves in boards.
  • Give complete protection & shade from various elements – Pergola will give you the beautiful shaded space where you may enjoy your summer day without any worry about the sunburn. Suppose you have the natural roof made from climbing flowers, you will get the outdoor lounge where you may relax. There’re pergolas that have the optional canopy, which you can open or close as required.
  • Add value: As per the experts, you will add around 20% to your house with the attractive landscaping. Not like gazebos, the pergolas are very affordable, and will add huge value to your house.