This is a kind of disease in which a patient feels difficulty breathing during sleep. In this kind of disease, a breathing disorder occurs so that intake of breathing sudden stops and starts in a patient when he sleeps. It creates much disorder in the patient’s body like he feels sleepy in the daytime, snoring more loudly and feeling restive sleep all the time. Patients can take treatment from many centers where this disease is treated. The sleep apnea Hong Kong has many centres for the people where they get the best facility and best treatment to fight with this disease.

The biggest symptom of this disease is snoring loudly. Sleep apnae disease born in the human body due to several reasons. First, it may develop due to blocked airways that affect the breath spontaneously. The second reason for this disease is due to a problem in getting a signal from the brain. The breathing of the patient stops again and again during his sleep unknowingly. With the opening of airways or getting signals from the brain, the patient can be awakened due to a deep breath, panting, suffocation or knee sensation. The patient needs to get it treated at the right time otherwise this can lead to many big diseases like heart disease and depression. As the disease progresses it becomes very dangerous for the patient. An individual suffering from this disease is also prohibited from driving. This is because a patient feels wet all the time so it may become a cause for the accident.