IPL or intense pulsed light generally works by targeting your dark pigment over your hair follicle to damage it to cause your hair to fall out as well as inhibit its capability to re-grow. Dark pigment found in your skin and hair and determines the colour is called melanin. Particularly Melanin is dense at a base of its hair root to offer the good target for strong pulses of light that are emitted by lower arm IPL hair removal device.

Is It Very Effective?

When light gets absorbed by melanin it makes heat energy and that causes the actual damage.  Growing hair can fall out between 2 weeks following the treatment. Besides skin tone, you have to take in account the hair colour.  IPL isn’t effective for anybody with the light blond, grey, white, and red hair.

Conditions preclude use of the IPL for right hair removal:

  • Tanned skin – Do not use IPL on the tanned and sunburn skin – you may have to wait many weeks until your tanning has faded totally. It applies to the fake tan.
  • Skin conditions – Like psoriasis or skin is photosensitive, and you are getting treated for chronic skin disorder you can check out with the dermatologist first
  • Tattoos – you must not treat the tattooed skin with this treatment
  • Pregnancy – IPL isn’t advised at time of pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Moles – IPL isn’t suitable for removing the hair from moles