Every living thing is in trouble, not only humans but the future generation and every animal that was created in this planet. Why? It is because of how other people treat Mother Nature. Humans tend to be selfish and do whatever they want. May it be because some people don’t believe in science or just because of plain stupidity. But what most people don’t want to face is that the planet is already suffering. Even animals are going extinct because of their own selfishness. The Earth is overpopulated and can’t reproduce the needs and wants of every human being. That’s is why you can call Earth an abused planet.

Save earth is a big propaganda in helping people open their eyes and see what the Earth is going through. You are expected to take care of the planet that you have been raised in, not destroy it. A lot of people are also suffering and don’t deserve to leave in a planet where almost everything is polluted. Only small percentages will likely care because of the human nature called laziness. To procrastinate will always be present, but what if tomorrow will be too late? You cannot put off saving the planet, because this planet is the only one that humans that have left. Why be lazy if you know well that there this planet needs help?

Save earth



Earth vs Overpopulation

Overpopulation will be the leading cause of the Earth’s destruction. So many humans to feed, clothe, take care, etc. but so little resources. This can only be given a solution once people also give back what they have stolen from Mother Earth. Just by simply planting trees, you are already helping in restoring the lands that was once bountiful and full of fresh air. In order to accommodate the billions of people that are currently living each day, you need to dig up natural resources and cut down trees. So simply giving back like rescuing endangered species and saving electricity is one step in achieving a more safe environment to live in.

Diseases of the Earth

Humans are the number one reason why Earth is slowly dying every second. The destruction that humans inflict on one another and to other innocent creatures is being set aside because of what you call selfishness. You don’t want to be a part of saving the Earth because you hate conflict? Think about that when the time comes that your great grandchildren won’t have any clean air to breathe.

Humans developed critical thinking and reasoning

In so many years, humans became intelligent and found ways in making life easier and less of a burden. This means that humans also found a way to exploit the Earth’s natural resources causing some sort of a meltdown and destroying the Earth’s ecosystem. In order to balance this out, there will be sacrifices made but humans wanted this. Humans want to live longer. So might as well help out, right?

Being called a disease is a big insult but when you talk about this planet? Yes. Disease is the right term. To avoid being a disease, you need to combat it by looking for a simple solution and at least help out to maintain a clean environment and not waste so many precious resources. That is truly one step in making Earth live a little longer.