There are many religions in the world and Buddhism is one of them that have many teachings of Buddha that could be applied to whoever would care to listen and learn about it. One Buddhist practice called medication is when you are trying hard to attain awareness, wisdom, and kindness which can lead you to Enlightenment or Buddhahood. Meditation also helps in getting rid of all the problems and negative thoughts in a person’s mind which in turn could help them understand and be compassionate with others.

There are also symbols of Buddhism that Buddha has left in order to guide believers into understanding Buddha’s teachings even more. There is no wrong or right when it comes to religion, especially if it’s their belief and that is what they have come to know. What matters is that you get to understand them and respect them because they have different goals to achieve. One such goal is following the dharma wheel and understanding karma or cause and effect.

The Eightfold Path

This is symbolized or represented by the Dharma Wheel and is the teachings lefts by Buddha for his followers to follow. These 8 practices are interconnected and you cannot attain one if you haven’t understood it fully.

The Eternal Knot

This represents the world being connected to one another and that there is always more room to grow, wisdom to be cultivated, and so much more. it also means the never-ending path if the dharma and that you will always have to practice the teachings no matter how much you think that you are done.

The Lotus Flower

Always remember that even after all the suffering; there will always be something positive that will help you grow beautifully. You have to believe that after going through a very difficult path, something good will always pass through your way because “No mud, no Lotus”.

All of these symbols can help you grow as a person even if you don’t practice and believe each one of them. They are there to guide you and help you choose the right path and understand the reality of life. You will learn to live your life once you follow a vision that can make you say you have understood a lot through this religion. Many cultures have been practicing it because they have seen its potential and how it could help when it comes to facing the new challenges in life.