In an ideal world, all people would follow the land laws without looking for loopholes or trying to take advantage of the laws. However, since the real world works far from that, there is a need to have associations that keep a check on the people with power and hold them accountable. The National Police Association is a not-for-profit organization that was started to enable people to help the police departments better achieve their goals.

What does the NPA do?

Here, one must know that the NPA functions purely from the contributions it gets from other organizations and some individuals. Let us move on to the functioning of the organization.

  • Raising awareness on positive services.

The NPA aims to raise awareness of the positive services that the law enforcement providers offer. And how does the organization accomplish this? It uses multiple channels – the NPA podcast, articles from law enforcement experts, radio announcements and legal filings. The organization uses these channels to build public support.

  • The power of law

Using the law can be a powerful weapon. NPA has experts who use the law to combat people who oversee law enforcement for self-vested interests. These people belong in various places of the foodchain – mayors, special interest activists, citizen review commissions, people involved in politics and many more.

  • Enforce accountability

Due to various reasons, there are many negative stereotypes surrounding law enforcement authorities. NPA is an organization that aims to combat these stereotypes using in-depth investigations, legal filings and proper communication. The organization also uses the law to hold the officials accountable for their actions. This also means that thanks to the NPA, abusive behaviour by officials will be called out, and corrective action will be sought.

Additional responsibilities

The organization also handles some additional responsibilities, some of which are described below.

  • Foster a good relationship between the police and the public officials

The National Police Association identifies policies that can enhance the relationship between the public officials and the local police. Together, they can better fight the special forces operating against the law enforcement for their vested interests.

The final word

Overall, one can say that the organization is carrying out commendable work, especially when you consider the fact that it operates solely based on contributions. The organization offers tools that can help the officials in better law enforcement as well.