Whether it was caused by mankind or by natural disasters, deforestation occurs throughout the world. It has been proven to be able to give dangerous effects such as massive soil erosion, water cycle disruption and an increase in emissions of greenhouse gases. It has continued to affect lots of people around the world.

However, people all over the world had been trying to find ways to restore the damages of deforestation. People had experimented ways to effectively rise again the once destroyed forest. This is called reforestation and here are some of the ways to restore a forest after deforestation.

Deforestation facts

Direct Seeding

This literally means planting tree seeds on the soil of the deforested area. This really the longest way to restore the forest because it really takes time for the seeds to sprout much less grow into a thick-barked tree. This also requires lots of guarding since insects may eat the seeds. There are also great chances that only 4 out of 10 seeds will grow into a full-grown tree.

Baby Tree Propagation

Making seed sprout is very difficult and critical. A seed requires a lot of nurturing for it to sprout. Since chances of boring successful sprouts from direct seeding are very low, experts tried to do Baby Tree Propagation. This is done in tree nurseries wherein all that is needed to is put a seed in a pot of fertilized soil. Put the pot in the nursery and will get the same treatment like the rest. This method has higher chances of sprouting. When the little trees are old enough to grow on the deforested soil, they will be carried out to the restoration site and be replanted there. Then at that point, they will just grow using the available nutrients in the area.

Tree Relocation

This is definitely the simplest method to use in restoring a forest. It is simply moving the trees from its original spot to the deforested area. This is also very difficult because this requires a lot of digging. The trees must be uprooted and rerooted in their new spots. This also requires massive trucks for transportation.

Whichever of these methods are done, they will be a good start on rebuilding the forest. However, unlike deforestation, reforestations takes decades and even centuries to finally return the area to its old self. It is always easier to prevent it than to cure it.