Do you know the eligibility criteria for BR1M government’s initiative? Do you qualify for the BR1M 20181Malaysia People’s Aid scheme? Or do you any idea of its application procedure? No? It’s ok. Here I will tell you complete procedure of the scheme to make your work easy.

Eligibility criteria for BR1M programme

To become eligible for the initiative an individual should be the head of the household with an income below RM4000, he should be a citizen of Malaysia and Single individuals who are 21 years old and above with income below RM2000 are taken into consideration.

semakan br1m 2018

Application for BR1M 2018schemewill be opened in 2017, people can apply through the following methods.

  1. Online application form- Applicants who want to apply for the scheme online can do so by visiting the official website of BR1M.After downloading and filling the application form, applicants are required to keep a copy of the form as a record.
  2. Manual application form- To fill the form manually applicants have to get the BR1M 2018 form from the IRBM IRHM/ Revenue service center (PKH) IRBM/ city transformation center (UTC) IRBM free of cost. To complete the procedure applicants also have to provide few important documents such as identity card, income slip and other related documents.

Any of the above mentioned methods can be adopted by the applicants to fill the BR1M application form. Personal information such as name, address, contact number, bank details and other information have to be provided to be eligible for the programme. Remember, applicants with incomplete information will not be eligible for the scheme. Once the application form is completed and submitted to the concerned authority, notices of eligibility are mailed to the entitledapplicants and later on the amount is credited in their bank accounts.