Question, if you are a person being given a prestigious award, the highest honorary award in the history of the universe would you accept it rolled in a piece of printed A4 size paper? But kidding aside, if someone won a championship they get a trophy, A ring, If someone wins in the Olympics they get medals but an employee whose performance is second to none and a leader that contributed to the company’s growth (he might have even drag the company to its success) and all he got was a thank you and a piece of A4 size paper as a sign of gratitude.

That’s not how you treat a valuable asset, in fact, no one that deserves an award and recognition deserves such a thing. Money is acceptable but a thank you award in an A4 size paper and just printed on the office printer (not even colored) isn’t worth it for anybody.

acrylic awards #57

There’s a better option: even frame the A4 printed paper and even print it in color. There’s a better option and you know it. You see these things that are presented in any person worthy of it. These are acrylic awards #57. Beautiful, stylish, quality, sophisticated and durable as long as you don’t break it intentionally.

Acrylic awards:are the best option really; when you see it you know it’s not just a piece of object. You can put something inside it; you can engrave it, paint it and even stick something into it. If you want to give an award to someone worthy this is it.

It feels good in the hand: The heaviness, the smoothness, the feel, the look and the size of these acrylic awards are something to behold indeed. These things have just the right weight that you can feel the quality in its built. Its beauty makes you want to work and be worthy of it.

Make any awards and recognition more special. Don’t give just a piece of paper like your handing a fake graduation diploma, scrap the thought of even framing these papers because they still do feel cheap. Make it more special with acrylic awards. These awards will surely turn heads and many people will still appreciate it in many years to come. These types of awards are like trophies and worthy to be beside of trophies not like paper that can be lost somewhere and a frame that can be hanged and fall someday.