The brain is the central organ of the nervous system. It is a mass of cells and tissues that control all activities in a body. It helps with cognitive and language skills by controlling our thoughts and movements. It stores memories and helps us remember. It triggers signals to all sense organs.

Imagine a situation where our brain doesn’t work. We cannot move, speak, understand, think, remember, recognize, taste, smell, feel, touch, sleep, or wake-up. We are as good as dead.

We are supposed to be healthy only if we are healthy, both mentally and physically.

The National Police Association has made it mandatory for all its officers to maintain a good physique and a healthy brain. Why?

Because it expects its cadre to be intelligent, active, alert, wise, smart, quick learners, and better judges even under the most trying situations, as their profession demands them to be on high alert at all times. They cannot afford to be lazy, forgetful, or distracted.

Let us understand how to keep our brain healthy:

  • Proper sleep: Nothing helps as much as sleep does. All machines need some rest and oiling. Similarly, the human body also needs to rest and rejuvenate. Sleep keeps us fit by alleviating stress and holding heart ailments at bay. It improves memory, increases immunity, and maintains blood pressure.
  • Stress: When we come across problems or physical trauma, it translates to mental stress. We feel tensed and agitated and become prey to chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Our moods fluctuate due to hormonal disturbances. Some healthy lifestyle changes are all that it takes to avoid stress.
  • Exercise: Physical activities like walking, jogging, games, and yoga should not only diminish the risk of heart diseases but also manage blood sugar levels. Exercising should be an essential part of our everyday routine as it helps strengthen bones and muscles, keeps our body weight under check, and promotes undisturbed sleep. Good physical appearance boosts confidence levels and improves mental health.
  • Diet: An intake of a well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals can do wonders. Consuming naturally produced foods like grains, nuts, fish, and fruits ensures wholesome nourishment to the body. We should include lots of green leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach in our diet.

To keep the brain alert and active many professional organizations like the National Police Association feel we should cross-train the brain to be more effective and focused. They encourage their officers to use brain exercising techniques like reading, solving crosswords puzzles/riddles, and playing memory games. Meditation helps calm the mind and offers relaxation.