Going under the knife is both exciting and terrifying. For one, there’s that initial scare of going on the surgery table and being cut open, but the beautifying result is what keeps you excited. Whether you want a butt or boob enhancement, the days leading up to the surgery are pretty much the same. The after-period of resting can vary, but they’re generally similar too.

You don’t want to make the mistake of taking a surgery lightly. It may not be a life-threatening disease you’re treating but it’s still a surgery. If you’ve never gone under the knife then there are a couple of things you still need to be aware of. You want to have a successful procedure so you can enjoy the beautiful results without any hitch.

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Doctor’s Orders

The doctor will have a list of things that you can and cannot do before and after the surgery. Follow this like your life depended on it. Sometimes it even does. There are good reasons why he’s instructing you to do certain things around the time of the surgery. It for your benefit and his as well. The more you follow them, the less of a reason you have to worry whether the results will come out the way you want them to.

Stay Healthy

After the surgery, your body is obviously healing. You might be feeling some pain but that’s totally normal. During this period, it’s important to eat as many healthy foods as possible. Vitamins and nutrients can help the healing process. Avoid eating too much fatty food too. You want your body to be completely clean of toxins during this critical period.

Get Plenty of Rest

You might be an active person, but after the surgery it’s best to lay low for a time. Your body is still raw and bloody and too much activity can rupture any stitches you may have. There will be plenty of time to be out and about when your body part has successfully healed. Plus, you’ll most likely be wrapped up in bandages and you wouldn’t want anyone to see you looking like a mummy!

The process of going under the knife should be taken seriously. There are very real consequences that you face if you don’t follow the doctor and do all the wrong things. Take time to heal and rest and you’ll only be happy in the end that you did.