Are you planning on giving deal toys to respectable clients so that they won’t forget about your company? If so, then you already know the grueling process it takes for you to come up with a great design that’ll leave a lasting impact on the sights and minds of your client base.

Coming up with an idea for the design of a deal toy can be taxing, and it’s a needlessly time-consuming challenge at that. After all, there are a lot more important tasks that can help the firm than thinking about a toy design (not unless you’re part of a toy company, of course). To make your decision-making process easier than before, here are some deal toy ideas you ought to consider.

Make Use of the Location

When planning for the design for the deal toy, whether it may be a financial tombstone or a corporate paperweight, you might want to consider letting the item have a design that’ll go along with the client’s location. For instance, if your client is primarily dealing business in Texas, then the design of the item might want to represent the state. The look might even be in the shape of the state of Texas.

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Base It On the Transaction Type

Different types of transactions call for varying designs. For example, you might want to furnish the look of the deal toy in the likings of a bolt-on acquisition, a swap, or a Dutch auction. Either way, you might want to think outside the box, and custom deal toy manufacturers can even help you in that regard.

Inject Some Inside Humor Into the Gift

One way to know if you’ve got a strong bond with your client is if you already have some inside jokes lined up that you can laugh about at any opportune moment. Consider this thought when creating the design for your deal toy. For example, even if both firms don’t deal in the food industry but you always order pizza whenever you have meetings, then you might fashion the toy out of the famous Italian dish.

Highlight the Main Emphasis of the Deal

If the deal comprises of a massive acquisition, then you might want to highlight that in your deal toy. You might want to display it in a way that it’ll automatically grab the attention of whoever looks at it, such as an extremely large text.

Expand your choices when creating the design for your deal toy. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone when thinking of a look for the corporate gift. You can seek the help of a custom deal toy maker to ease your stress and worry.