One of the best Entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of mtm choice company, Alexei Orlov have experienced many things in his life. The mtm choice company initially raised more than around $ 30 billion and also completed three acquisitions. And these all are highly regarded specialist agencies in the field of brand and also media activation. The company is now in negotiations to complete a further hundred dollarmillion of funding to support the extra Top Tier acquisitions. And also fourth acquisition was finalized at the end of February month 2019. The coming years will be busy for him and the company. Because more brands are in different stages of negotiation to be acquired by them.


Orlov has also worked as a Senior Advisor to the Chairman and CEO of the DAS Group of organizations. This company is an international division of Omnicom Group PLC. Alexei Orlov also worked as a Global Chief executive Officer of RAPP and joined the group in the year 2014. The dramatic turnaround of the organization back to income with a highly acclaimed global business industry and rebranding reset. This also resulted in an influx of new projects and world-class leadership talent.

benefits to the entrepreneurs

Before, he also served as a Chief Marketing Officer for Volkswagen Group China and responsible for whole marketing procedures, strategies, and positioning of brand for the portfolio of the company across China and ASEAN as well. He was also responsible for the brand integrity and marketing deployment of the companies important brands which include Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat, and Bugatti.

He is a trusted advisor to a diverse set of organizations across the world. Coaching and steering blue chip leadership members to work through their brand and for the operational situations.