The Kydex is an exclusive type of plastic which is specifically designed for thermoforming fabrication. The heat allows for the simple reshaping, in which the Kydex is utilized in many applications like safety helmets, manufacture of truck fenders, gun holsters and in air exhaust systems. The Kydex is a composite material of acrylic-polyvinyl chloride where it derives its formability and rigidity from acrylic while the good finish ratings, toughness and the chemical resistance comes from the polyvinyl chloride. The overall composition of the Kydex material provides the numerous benefits that includes.

  • Rigid yet a little bit flexible
  • Low friction (which allows the gun to be drawn out safely)
  • Waterproof
  • Low-flammable
  • Abrasion resistant

When the Kydex composite material is heated then it can virtually acquire any shape and for this property the Kydex material is used for making the gun holsters. Not only this has the Kydex material maintained its shape under normal conditions that allows you to ensure the good retention for long time. Comparing to other materials the Kydex is found to be the best material for making the gun holsters. In which best kydex owb holster option is preferred by most of the police person and other individuals for keeping the gun in a high quality holster safely.

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Difference between IWB and OWB gun holsters

In general there are two main styles of gun holsters are available in the market namely inside waistband (IWB) and outside waistband (OWB). In which the inside waistband holsters are less visible on the wearer but the OWB gun holsters are more comfortable to wear the only thing is that it will be clearly visible to others. The IWB gun holsters are worn inside the pants which allows for the better concealment especially when you are wearing the short attire or if it tucked inside the pants.

On other hand OWB gun holsters are more comfortable to wear but are more visible especially when it is not covered by jacket or shirt. The outside waistband gun holsters can be mounted to a belt or to alternatively you can place inside your pants via paddle. What the holster paddle allows you is easier dismounting and mounting of the holsters. There are variety of owb gun holsters are out in the market but Tru-fit tactical owb kydex gun holsters is found to be the best kydex owb holsters which provides number of benefits to the wearer comparing to the inside waistband gun holsters.