GTA5! The name rings a pleasant note within the heart of every millennial grown up playing the GTA Vice city. Started by Rockstar games, this game captured the imagination of every kid in the block, thus starting the legacy of GTA series. With mobile gta 5, rockstar games are back with a larger appeal.

The game provided a platform to unleash the mafia instinct and live a fantasy, hot cars, big money, guns and loads of action. Who would not want to be transformed into this world where you are the boss in town?  Gta5 took the thug life to a different level compared to the previous installments, with three protagonists to play, each living their individual lives, the plot twists and the guns getting more bigger and better, you won’t realize when even you got deeper into the game.

Brief summary of the game

The storyline is simple but very engaging.In gta5 you play three different characters which can be switched easily when not on a mission, the three characters are first, Michael a former criminal who in a deal with the FIB lives with a different name and has a wife and 2 kids. The second one is Franklin Clinton, a gangster who lives in the same town as Michael and he has a background story of his own. The third is Trevor Phillips a sociopath who kills for the fun of it.

Mobile GTA 5

It is revealed that Trevor and Michael were close friends back in their days until things turned sour and Michael fakes his death to go incognito.

The story revolves around the lives of the three characters, each with their background. It allows easy switch between characters when it comes to mission, there are some missions meant for a single character, some heists are meant for two. When the mission involves all three characters, you will be required to switch between the characters as each character has a special skill, each skill contributing to the overall game plan.

When not on a mission, you can just go with performing stunts, hacking for fun or get more creative.The game experience is smooth and as mentioned earlier, the ammunitions are top-notch.


The storyline must have interested you no doubt, but now are you wondering the best mode to play this game? Well, Rock star games bring you mobile gta 5, enabling you to carry your favorite game in your pocket wherever you go and whenever you wish to enter this crime world.