Online gaming has taken the world by storm since it was introduced. Runescape is a multi-player game  created about 10 years ago or so and has many gamers hooked to it. Here you’ll encounter numerous adventures and quests. Other add-ons include gold mining which has been very popular among many Runescape players. Did you know that you can actually earn money by selling the gold you mined in the game? There are people who buy rs gold due to various reasons and for a price, too. Let’s discover the best spots to mine gold and how to earn some cash.

mine gold in Runescape

  • Brimhaven Gold Mine

This location is actually out of the way so you may not have seen or heard about it more often. However, this is certainly one of the best places to mine gold in Runescape. The Brimhaven gold mine is composed of gold rocks that are shaped like an incomplete ring. The mine is located in the Northwest of Brimhaven.

Before embarking on your mining journey, you’ll need a pickaxe and the boots of lightness. The boots will actually help you run quicker so you can get to the bank to deposit your gold in no time.

  • Banking at Runescape

Now that you have all the supplies you need, you are now ready to choose a bank where you can deposit the gold you mined. The banks that are nearest the Brimhaven Gold Mine are found in Shilo Village, Tz-Haar and Ardougne. If you have completed the level at the Garden of Tranquility, you can take the boat from Brimhaven to the South Bank in Ardougne and get back to the Gold Ring again. It will take you about 2 minutes and even lesser if you run fast.

Probably the slowest banking strategy is banking at Tz-Haar. This can be used if you haven’t completed the levels for Shilo Village and Garden of Tranquility. To bank at Tz-Haar, you can just run from the Gold Mine to the Karamja Volcano. You’ll have to run through the rocks and into the cave to get to Tz-Haar. Once you arrive at Tz-Haar, go west until you get to the bank.

The quickest banking strategy is through the bank at Shilo Village. You can only get to this location once you have completed the Shilo Village Quest. In Brimhaven, you’ll have to board Hajedy’s cart and he’ll directly take you to Shilo Village.

Who would have thought that you can earn some cash while playing online? With Runescape you can actually gain profit by trading to those who want to buy rs gold.