In this game, there are many things which player should understand. There will be free water. But pumping for the form from the pump at the form can actually costs money. But the free water available can be obtained by backing water tank trailer from the river through loading it. The safest spot here can be the sandy beaches. These are present next to the Landwirtschafts Simulator 17 download.

  • There will be many tractors. Number will be more than required and it is better to keep the biggest one and the tractor which comes with lowest hours
  • There will be 2 tractors to start with. Usually it is better to start with the planting soybeans at the first. This is because it costs very less to plant as well as harvest them
  • In the later stages of the game, one can try to get more varieties
  • Many people think that missions need more effort. But it all depends on how the player takes about their game. Actually missions are the best way to yield cash
  • There are free trees available all over the map. So, one can rely on them for logs. Logs are usually worth more when they are bigger as well as longer. Based on the market fluctuations, sometimes wooden chips can even worth more compared to logs. Usually log prices will be same they do not fluctuate. But chip prices usually vary. One must avoid heating smallest chipper as well as plants
  • Cutting, sweeping, dumping, and covering grass can be simple. But they can be more complicated sometimes. Along all the roads and fields, free grass is available all over the map. It is very beneficial if one clears trees which are on grassy area.

Farming simulator

  • It is possible to hire workers for running the tractor. They can also be hired for many jobs. Through this one can make profits by using them for profitable work
  • It is possible to run test game through one of the slots. So, try selling everything on this test game. There will be a loan facility which is worth 200k. Try leasing the equipment and see what happens and what can you expect from it in the test game. One must try an test things which are costly and see what happens. This is because these cannot be tried in the actual game
  • One must always make use of right tools for right job. When it comes to pulling the bale wrapper, it is not a good idea to use huge tractor which demands more money. It is also not good idea to use tools for hours. It can be costly. Always think of small tractor to get the job done
  • When it comes to fertilizers, by using them right, it is possible to yield more expected. Fertilizers must be given once in a growing stage. This will be based on the game settings as well. Sometimes one may need to fertilize three times

There are many other things which player should know about this. There are many graphic settings in the menu which must be understood properly. One can choose the characters either male or female. They can choose set of cloths for their characters.