In order to get fit, do you really need to go to the gym? Some people who got used to it would easily say yes. But what if there’s no gym around or the gym is 2 hours away? Would you even answer the same? Maybe yes or maybe no.

But one thing is certain, you don’t necessarily need a gym to get fit, you will even be surprised by the things that you can do in your home and how much your very own house can give you much of a challenge.

Not always the choice: There are plenty of things that you can do in your home or outside for that matter, a gym is just a place. And why limit yourself with the gym right? Is it because of the equipment? The trainers? You will be shocked on how many and various exercises you can actually cover even without gym equipments. Running is one, if you want a good challenge running outside is the best, run on trails, on beaches.

Expensive: You pay $$ dollars every year for a gym membership and what do you do? You only run on the treadmill for half an Hour. Half an hour and it’s not even every day that you’re doing it. You’re doing it once or twice a week. In a money perspective that’s not a very wise investment indeed. If that’s the only thing that you go to the gym for, why not just buy a treadmill in your home, you will even have more chances in running it, if it’s your home than in the gym.

Environment: Yeah it can be inspiring seeing buff people doing some lifts an people with six packs doing some pull ups but would you rather prefer that or run in the beach sun kissed? In the trail where you get to go up a hill and experience the sunset, the ever challenging snow, and the elements that give you serenity, peace of mind, relaxation and a challenge all at the same time. That’s way better right? Pretty dramatic even.

People sometimes never realize that you don’t need to limit yourself in the 4 corners of the gym because we have the whole world as our playground and the more that we open to it and appreciate its beauty and even see the hidden tricks you won’t even want to go back to the gym anymore. The fact of the matter is that the gym offers you a place where you can train. Everything from running, jumping, other forms of exercise, lifting and much more. You may get the best results but you’re missing the best part especially if you’re an outgoing person or loves the nature because the experience that you get from outside is way better than being cooked up in the four corners of the gym. Outside it’s just you, Mother Nature and the environment. And even in your home! Where you can spend more time with the family. If you are open to that do some personal training and hire a personal trainer, try it!