Technology moves fast—faster than even the most savvy can sometimes keep up with. It’s one thing to stay abreast of devices you’d like for your personal life, and it’s another to maintain the capabilities you need to do your job. You have your own way of doing things using hardware and software to which you’ve become accustomed. When these tools start to become phased out in favor of something new, it can be a major upset to your process, and even your industry overall.

Fortunately, you can make a transition from one system to another through something called end of life services. These are services that account for the lifecycle of a product and offer support to maintain performance, while presenting options that exist for transitioning into a new piece of technology. Such services are growing in demand for industries that used specialized communication and recording equipment like turrets, also known as dealer boards

Used by traders in the financial industry, trading turrets once allowed quick, prioritized call activity. They’re still used by some investment banks and on some trading desks today, but they are being transitioned out in favor of electronic trading platforms.

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Manufacturers of these boards are no longer offering essential support and services for much of this equipment, so when there is an issue, users find their options are quite limited. Many organizations feel pushed into making an upgrade even if they feel it’s not the best move for their unique situation. They can be stuck making a tough decision and a transition that’s not easy to manage without knowledgeable assistance.

Making the switch from a telephony key system to one that’s primarily digital isn’t a matter of a simple switch out for many institutions. This type of transition must be carefully implemented with a range of support services. End of life maintenance for turrets is a common way to describe services that support older technology, while managing the shift into something new.

The service is useful for companies and organizations that want to upgrade on their own terms rather than a time determined by a manufacturer of the turret equipment or service provider. If that sounds like a problem you’ve been dealing with or expect to face in the near future, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, stress, and expense by seeking out an end of life service provider.