There are already the first victims of Melanotan use in Europe. An overdose has probably occurred. It is specific that ensures a long-lasting tan even without the sun. According to people who trade it, it stimulates the growth of naturally produced melanin. On dozens of websites,  sellers guarantee not only beautiful skin appearance but also full security. Although they mention a side effect, they only exchange an unintentional erection in men.

Terrible “Barbie injection.”

It was theoretical to be a secure alternative to sunbathing in the sun or under a lamp. It soon became apparent, however, that Melanotan causes dangerous side effects, and recently a tragedy occurred in Great Britain due to it. Meanwhile, a few days ago, another young woman, fell ill and died a few days after she had taken the forbidden injection. The 26-year-old getting ready for the wedding probably bought Melanotan  on the net for 30 pounds. The drug is illegal in the UK since health care specialists have warned that the drug has not passed the appropriate tests, and its side effects are unknown. “I know it sounds stupid, but I’ve never thought about the risks of these injections, or searched for information about it,” – A friend tried and assured me that it was completely safe.


She looked great at that, so I decided to follow her footsteps. To tell the truth, I had only one worry at the time. “What shade of tan will I get?” I was worried. “Wouldn’t it be too dark?  I went to him a week later. I thought it was the perfect way for me because I didn’t have to expose my skin to radiation. I was fed up with suntan lotions, I also took some pills, but in my opinion, they did not work. I know, I was naive, but I really didn’t think I could get sick because of that.” It didn’t bother me that I was injecting some unknown substance into my body and that the effects could be tragic. In fact, I only cared about one thing: I wanted to be tanned When my skin became light again, I felt pale and ugly, it seemed to me that in such a state I would never find a job. That’s why I went to meet Mark, the guy who stored the ampoules in his London apartment. He offered to give me an injection because I admitted that I was afraid of needles, and I could not give myself medicine. All this lasted a few seconds – I thought the worst was behind me. And yet the side effects of the procedure soon came to the fore. When I left Mark, I felt dizzy. I thought it was all nerves: I was afraid of the injection, I didn’t eat anything.