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Boss (Mammootty, Mega Star of Malayalam) is kind-hearted, a ruthless moneylender. Prathapa Varma (KalabhavanShahjohn) borrowed money from Boss and failed to repay the borrowed money. Boss gets upset as the Producer Prathapa Varma is avoiding and ignoring Boss’s phone calls. The story turns into a peak as Prathapa Varma is kidnapped by Boss and his men.

Other lead roles are there in this Shylock movie, including Felix John (Siddique) and Ayyanar (an old man role which is played by Rajkiran) with Lakshmi (role played by Meena, an yesterday’s heroine of South Indian movies).

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Here is the action movie ‘Shylock’, the best action movie in 2020. You can watch the Shylock movie online now on Aha OTT.

  1. Genre: Drama Action
  2. Language: Malayalam
  3. Format: (Streaming online video)
  4. Watchable Devices: The movie is available to watch on supported devices.
  5. Available on: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Android devices,iOS, and Smart TVs
  6. Where to watch online: aha movies
  7. Director: AjaiVasudev
  8. Starring: Mammootty, Rajkiran, Meena
  9. Music Director: Gopi Sunder

Watch Drama Action “Shylock” movie online today.

The social Drama action movie “ Shylock” was directed by AjaiVasudevan. Megastar Mammootty appeared in a lead role as Boss, kind-hearted, a ruthless moneylender, and played two different aspects of characters. Boss is a miser and moneylender for Mollywood film producers.

Boss was cheated by Prathapa Varma, a popular Mollywood film producer who decides to eliminate the boss from his way, taking the help of the police commissioner. To know what happens next, watch Shylock online at Aha streaming now. Watch action movies online on Aha OTT now!

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Megastar Mammootty with his energetic screen presence, turned this Shylock film, the best mass entertainer movie in 2020. The performance of Mammootty, his energetic screen presence, dialogues, GopiSundar’s tunes, Ranadive’s cinematography visualizations, and Rajkiran performances makes you sit and watch the complete movie.