Travelers often get an error message while accessing a bookmarked show abroad. The message simply means the streaming platform has not acquired content rights for the specific region. Thankfully, there are options like 123movies for audiences. However, let’s take a brief look at some of the most crucial factors that stop streaming platforms from making content available.

Licensing game 

Content licensing is the key reason behind the difference in every video-streaming platform’s catalog available in each country. Film producers and studios own the rights for their content, and most of them sell them on a region or country-wise basis for recovering their investments. Their strategy is simple; they can get more money if they share licenses amongst different providers worldwide. On the other hand, streaming platforms and TV channels try to acquire worldwide broadcasting, streaming, and distribution licenses as a bundle at discounted rates.

Networks do not want shows to be available online

Several small networks do not release their shows on video streaming sites and apps. Some networks prefer keeping control of their content and release a selected number of episodes online for a short period. For example, American networks like Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC use the same strategy for their shows.

Allowing streaming platforms to stream content means more audience for the show. However, that’s also like cutting off the potential advertising revenue the network can earn by telecasting the content on TV. Thus, both channel and show producers prefer airing the show on TV first and then selling them to streaming platforms.

streaming platforms

Rather than signing deals before the launch of the show, companies prefer to wait and watch. If the show becomes popular on TV, they can demand higher licensing fees from streaming platforms in exchange for global rights.

Licensing agreements have a shorter timeframe. So, at times, you may find that a show you watched six months back on the platform is not available anymore. Even Netflix and Amazon Prime Video often update their catalog and add or delete some titles every quarter.

Producers of older shows are willing to offer rights at cheaper rates, but not everyone. Thus, Netflix can manage to get Star Trek’s seasons, but not Seinfeld or The Simpsons globally. To make matters worse, streaming platforms need to renegotiate these costs each time after the license time frame expiry.

Other options available for viewers

As some films and shows are unavailable on streaming platforms, viewers can watch them on YouTube, sites like 123movies, or Daily Motion. These platforms offer a superb collection of movies and TV shows for free.