Indian Movies have always been a vital source of entertainment for film lovers. The Film Industry has given us all shades of films that one entertainment lover can expect. Lately, due to Covid-19, people were facing a tough time getting in touch with the new content. But, the online OTT platform allowed them to watch Indian movies online hassle-free. At the comfort of your home and your convenience, you can watch movies anytime around the clock.

Lately, the trend of watching mysterious movies online is at the forefront. The south Indian movies, especially Telugu movies, seem to take the lead here. One Telugu movie has become quite popular among the audience. The majority of the audience hasn’t watched the film, and the movie’s name is “Midnight Murders.”

It is to believe that the movie contains all spices that one ideal Telugu movie is supposed to have. Midhun Manuel Thomas has directed the film. The cast of the movie is KunchakoBoban, SrinathBasi, SharafYuddin, Jeenu Joseph. Anthony Perumbavoor produces the movie. The movie’s story is all about identifying a mysterious person who randomly kills police officers at midnight.

Kunchako is acting as a Psychologist in the police department under the character of Anwar Hussain. Looks-wise, KunchackoBoban is acceptable and intrigues with his effective presentation all through the film. Notably, his acting in a couple of crucial examination scenes and during the peak carries a great deal of profundity to the unfurls’ show.

The entertainer who played the primary rival’s job is very acceptable and gives a persuading execution. How the homicides are exhibited has been given an intriguing portrayal.

The entertainer who attempted the woman official’s job intrigues with her acting, adequately depicting numerous measurements. Noted entertainer Pooja Ramachandran likewise does a critical job in a persuading way. 

Technical Point of View: 

Director of the movie Midhun Manuel Thomas’ concept of making a wrongdoing thrill ride dependent on police murders is acceptable. Yet, he ought to have invested more energy recorded as a hard copy of a superior screenplay.

The cinematography by Shyju Khalid is brilliant. He mainly splendidly exhibits the night shots.

Music by SushinShyam is well-suited for the film’s substance, and his drawing in foundation score raises every one of the key scenes. Altering by SaijuSreedharan is well-suited. Creation esteems for this restricted spending film are nice.


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