Ted Farnsworth is a financial investor, businessperson, and cash breaker as Co-founder of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment, Former chairmen of Moviepass and author and administrator of MoviePass Films, Farnsworth is known as a pioneer who changed the entertainment world forever. This was established in 2011 and acquired prominence inside a year. In 2021, MoviePass was named one of the 25 Most Disruptive Apps of 2012 and was additionally a part of The Best of Everything in 2012 by Business Insider.

In 2018 he turned into the principle proprietor of Emmett Furla Oasis Films, trailed by the development of the Fortress Entertainment Group. He has worked with probably the greatest names in business, most as of late Al Pacino, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis.

In 2020 Farnsworth reported three-film financing deals Fortress Entertainment Group and Damascus Road Productions. The initial three movies focused on films from World War II and the Holocaust. In 2021, the narrative Zash Studio Chicago America’s Hidden War was named for an Oscar for best narrative. ZASH Studios is an auxiliary of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment.


Ted Farnsworth has procured an 80% greater part stake in a contending application on TikTok, the Singapore-based video stage Lomotif. Farnsworth joined with Musical.ly fire up financial backer Jaeson Ma and Triller board part Vincent Butta in securing for their sake Vinco Ventures, Inc and ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation. Together they will take more than 80% of the greater part stake in Lomotif.

moviepass chairman

What is Lomotif?

Lomotif is a video and social platform like TikTok that permits clients to share short music recordings. Since from beginning of 2014, more than 350 million recordings have been made on the application consistently, and 9 billion recordings have been made and set on the application. The application is growing in popularity in Asia, Europe and South America and has developed by more than 600% over the most recent two years.

This application has more than 120 million lifetime designers and 160 million viewers lifetime on iOS and Android. As a component of the acquisition, the organizer and CEO of Lomotif, Paul Young, will keep on driving the organization. The application has had more than 225 million downloads worldwide.

Farnsworth is most popular for serving as the director of Moviepass on perhaps the most tremendous hiking and entertainment stories of recent years. He is the CEO of New York-based holding organization HelPos and Matheson Analytics Inc., which failed in January 2020.


Ted Farnsworth is a founder and chairperson of movie pass. He is a financial investor, businessperson, and co-founder of Zesh media and entertainment. Now he’s attempting to take up tiktok, which permits users to create short music videos recordings. It has gained huge popularity in recent years