Most advertisers make mistakes with managing their PPC ecommerce. These mistakes may seem insignificant. But it can affect your company’s online presence.If you don’t want to be one of these business owners, you might want to do your best to avoid these seemingly minor mistakes. But it is very dangerous to advertise the PPC of your shopping website.

PPC Mistake # 1: Ignore SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) Structure

You might be tempted to use keyword groups for your PPC ecommerce ads, but you shouldn’t be obsessed with them. This simple mistake can quickly stop your entire ad campaign, effectively ruining the time, effort and resources you spend on your ads. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use a SKAG (single keyword ad group) structure. This strategy can help you increase your click through rate and quality value.

PPC Mistake # 2: Not using the default title and product description.

The name and general description of the product are lost in a sea of ​​words and commandments. So don’t forget to update your title and description under the sunshine. Although technically they do have the right keywords. But it can’t convert potential customers into your customers. Why? As customers are always looking for unique details and content, it is best to use appropriate elements, colors, styles, fonts and sizes, such as brand identity, without the need for Google optimization keywords.With this PPC campaign management strategy, you can Ensures that Google shows your ad for relevant searches.

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PPC Mistake # 3: Using Poorly Written Ad Copy and Extension

If you want to capture users’ attention and give them a reason to click on your ad, avoid badly written ad copy and faulty ad extensions. Improperly optimizing your ad extensions is one of the biggest mistakes that won’t entice your users and may warn them to stay away from your shopping page. With the right ad extensions, you can use website links and location extensions to improve your ads and ultimately increase your CTR.

PPC Mistake # 4: You Don’t Know Your Customer Lifetime Value.

If you’re like most of the paid search engine advertisers who don’t know the value of your customers’ lifetime, it means you’re wasting time and money. Therefore, you need to know and calculate your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Knowing your CLV allows you to scale your budget based on clicks-per-click to maximize your PPC return.

Take your PPC ecommerce strategy to the next level.

If you are still concerned that you may have made a mistake with your PPC shopping website, contact a seasoned marketer. With years of experience developing highly effective PPC shopping campaigns, they will take your ecommerce ppc management campaigns to the next level.