Although Bitcoin is evidently still in its infancy and does not have a mass adoption, the truth is that it has long ceased to be a strange freaky experiment. Large multinational companies, government institutions, investment funds and banking consortia around the world have entered the scene (and continue to enter) for years.Click here to know about litecoin.

All making a very strong bet on this technology because they have already understood its potential. They are dedicating large capital investments and attracting the brightest minds of multiple sectors. What has created an ecosystem that is growing at exceptional speed. All helping to expand the Bitcoin infrastructure and preparing it for mass adoption.Visit this site to know about litecoin.

Some famous brands

In fact, there are already a lot of shops around the world that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Some famous names include Microsoft, Overstock and a lot of airlines, hotels and even luxury real estate.

Used by professionals

There are many professionals around the world who offer their services and receive payments in Bitcoin. There are even Bitcoin debit cards that allow you to pay at any store that accepts cards with your Bitcoin balance.


Of course, we are still in a very early stage of adoption. Like in the beginning of the internet when there was only email no one could even imagine what it would allow us today. But innovation in Bitcoin technology does not stop. There is an entire ecosystem with very bright minds from virtually every industry. All researching, developing and improving technology day by day.

All this is happening “behind the curtains” while traditional media are only talking about the price of Bitcoin. What if bubble, what if illegal activities, etc. Current situation is very very similar to when the internet pioneers back in the ’90s tried to explain to everyone that it was that strange thing called internet.