Let’s take a look at a bit history of cannabis, Cannabis has been originated from Central Asia and over time this plant has traveled all around the world. Then in a different part of the world, this plant has been planted and cultivated. Over time these plants have acclimated to the new environment and resulted in changes to their chemical and physical characteristics. These plants have known as now landrace strains.

Then People has started experimenting with these landraces and crossbreed them to various combinations of female and male plants for producing new weed strains. This experimentation has given birth to ever-growing varieties of cannabis plants. It is mostly cultivated underground due to the prohibition around it. The cannabis plant is not widely grown and studied. The botanical classifications are not also clearly defined and documented for cannabis.

How cannabis strains are unique?

Various elements will make this strain unique.

cannabis strains

Cannabinoid content: Cannabis plant contains a lot of cannabinoids which is interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body and is producing a variety of effects. The profile of strains cannabinoids and the concentration of CBD and THC cannabinoids is the key differentiating factor. For example, the high THC with little CBD is more intoxicating strains. While the 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC will be more relaxing and less intoxicating.

Terpene content: Terpenes are the molecules in the cannabis plant which is producing the aroma and flavor. It will also help in supporting the cannabinoids and other molecules of cannabis which are producing various effects in the mind and body. This plant is producing more than 200 terpenes and there are also present individual strains which are varying in the concentration and terpene profiles.

Environmental Variables: During cultivation, the nutrients in the soil will also affect the cannabinoid and terpene profile.